Gratitude is the memory of the heart

1c25bf8f6c8fa1be9b6895e80dfc72bfThe blogosphere is buzzing with Diwali bee and I am still with the gratitude list of last month. On this special day of Diwali, I think I should not procrastinate it any more and here goes my post!!! October 2015 was a memorable year in my life for reasons known. My brother got married to his lady love this year ( More about it here ) and I feel so grateful to this nature that things went on as expected and the marriage was a super duper joyous event.

This month, I had been grateful to various people for various reasons.

  • The first wishes of gratitude for this month should certainly be extended to my mom, who made everything possible. After my father passed away, she stood like a rock solid pillar to protect us. Her due diligence and intelligent planning made it easier for the wedding to go as planned.
  • To the bride’s family who played the perfect hosts.
  • To all my cousins, who helped us to distribute the invitation cards, who were rock solid dance performers, who split nerve cracking jokes, who cooked midnight meals, who lent me the last minute cosmetics I lost, who were there from the beginning to the end.
  • To the cook who made delicious dishes all through the wedding though I am also cribbing that I put on a little weight.
  • To the photographers,floral decorators, mehendi artists, the tailors, the beauticians, the drivers,maids, each and every one who had been a part of this wedding.
  • Special mention of my employer who was kind enough to grant me a long leave to enjoy this vacation to the chore.
  • To my little son who is ever charming as he is and had been a trouble free kid and enjoyed his stay at the wedding.
  • To all my relatives who ensured to attend the wedding though it was on a festival day and to all who blessed the couple from wherever they were.

I enjoyed the marriage hush with irregular lunches, late night dinners, super duper jokes, family reunions, body fatigues, financial crunches, accounts management, superior plannings, failing executions, contingency plannings, teasing the bride and the groom and this list certainly continues.

Above all, our family as always proved to be one of the best. Thanks to everyone who stood by us!!! Love you all.

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My June gratitude list


Let me begin this month’s gratitude post with a confession. There were days when I did not realize the value of being thankful. I never considered being thankful to be really indispensable or perhaps I did not make efforts to express the same. But they say, experience is the best teacher and yes it is. I learned from experiences. Nature has taught me the importance of being grateful and expressing the same. Continue reading

My Gratitude List

Certain days are not truly ours. I get up with a severe migraine only to know that my maid who helps me with the daily chores has decided to take her day off. Migraines and maids are an integral part of my life now!!  As I get into the kitchen and look out to start my day, I find that I am totally out of stock for the veggies. I lost the total control of the day and was completely down for a moment.

After calming myself with a hot cup of tea, I understood that only way to get out of the mess was to relax,  and count my blessings. That is a usual practice I follow which makes me instantly feel much better. I think of the people who are lesser privileged than me and feel grateful for the blessings I have in this life.

Since, it is the time of the month to join the “Gratitude Circle”, I have jotted down a partial list of things I am grateful for in no particular order.

My MIL: I am very proud to say that I have a one-in-a-zillion Mother-in-law who understands me completely and supports me at all levels. I have fallen in love with her attitude ever since I got married and feel really grateful for having got a chance to live with a super human like her.

My Maid: Thanks to my maid, without whom it would have been impossible for me to be balancing in between my work and family.

Mangoes: Mangoes are just incredible. Thanks to an Organic store near to my house, this year I had the real taste of mangoes. Yummy!! Yummy!! Yummy. If ever, this fruit was available all throughout the year, I would reserve one point for this fruit in every post of mine :p

Magicpot magazine: This is a kid’s magazine I subscribed for Dheer and he thoroughly enjoys reading Lutapi and Mayavi stories, coloring the pictures and loves to see through the book though he cannot read much. This has become our bed-time ritual to read, re-read, re-re-read the same story again and again.

And the list goes on… Let me collate it and come back to you next month!!

Hey, did you notice, that all the points started with the letter “M”, it was something inadvertent and I noticed it only when I finish this post.

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I am thankful !!

Thanks to the Maha Shivratri celebrations, the spiritual quotient in me suddenly rocketed and we (me and my husband) decided to visit the temple last night. I had a chance to see how the city looked at 12 in the midnight. The serene beauty of empty roads which were otherwise usually clogged with heavy traffic.

We started from our house at 12:00 in the midnight for a couple of temple visits. For about an hour or so, we had divine time praying to the almighty. We visited 3-4 temples which should be in about 6-7 kms around our house.

While we were busy driving our car, trying to find a safe parking place, adjusting our A/Cs, checking our smart phones, there were many who were sleeping on the roads, sparingly covered from the cool breeze, some trying to find a place to sleep, some desperately waiting for the day to start.

Some ice cream vendors were eagerly waiting for a customer, some rickshaw pullers, some kids whose livelihood was to stick the wall posters in the odd hours, street shop vendors hoping for customers, road sweepers trying to entertain themselves with music played in their mobile phones.


This made me feel so grateful for what I have. Today, I feel I am grateful to the nature:

  • For keeping me healthy, with a working body ( and partially working brain)
  • For giving me a loving family which treasures my presence ( and my absence too!!).
  • For blessing me with a curious son who eagerly awaits me to be home. (  ever ready with his why? how? when?).
  • For my friends, who taught me the value of friendship by being with me at the tough times.
  • For my cousins, who love their parties without me, back in my hometown.
  • For driving home safe.
  • For the beautiful nature I see every day while enjoying my hot cup of tea in the mornings.
  • For the chilled breeze that flows in from the window while I enjoy my morning cooking.
  • The crow that comes on time to eat the handful of rice I feed  (and reminds me that I am not on time most of the days).
  • For the work I do which allows me to balance my home and work effectively.
  • For the books I read in the night before I go for a tight sleep.
  • For music, which can uplift any kind of mood
  • For internet who always keep my interest increasing ( I tried my hand at the info-graphic below)

and a zillion more to say ( and counting )…………..

Untitled Infographic(1)

Isn’t it worth to take a moment in a day to thank the nature for blessing us with many wonderful gifts!! I certainly feel so !!

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