I am thankful !!

Thanks to the Maha Shivratri celebrations, the spiritual quotient in me suddenly rocketed and we (me and my husband) decided to visit the temple last night. I had a chance to see how the city looked at 12 in the midnight. The serene beauty of empty roads which were otherwise usually clogged with heavy traffic.

We started from our house at 12:00 in the midnight for a couple of temple visits. For about an hour or so, we had divine time praying to the almighty. We visited 3-4 temples which should be in about 6-7 kms around our house.

While we were busy driving our car, trying to find a safe parking place, adjusting our A/Cs, checking our smart phones, there were many who were sleeping on the roads, sparingly covered from the cool breeze, some trying to find a place to sleep, some desperately waiting for the day to start.

Some ice cream vendors were eagerly waiting for a customer, some rickshaw pullers, some kids whose livelihood was to stick the wall posters in the odd hours, street shop vendors hoping for customers, road sweepers trying to entertain themselves with music played in their mobile phones.


This made me feel so grateful for what I have. Today, I feel I am grateful to the nature:

  • For keeping me healthy, with a working body ( and partially working brain)
  • For giving me a loving family which treasures my presence ( and my absence too!!).
  • For blessing me with a curious son who eagerly awaits me to be home. (  ever ready with his why? how? when?).
  • For my friends, who taught me the value of friendship by being with me at the tough times.
  • For my cousins, who love their parties without me, back in my hometown.
  • For driving home safe.
  • For the beautiful nature I see every day while enjoying my hot cup of tea in the mornings.
  • For the chilled breeze that flows in from the window while I enjoy my morning cooking.
  • The crow that comes on time to eat the handful of rice I feed  (and reminds me that I am not on time most of the days).
  • For the work I do which allows me to balance my home and work effectively.
  • For the books I read in the night before I go for a tight sleep.
  • For music, which can uplift any kind of mood
  • For internet who always keep my interest increasing ( I tried my hand at the info-graphic below)

and a zillion more to say ( and counting )…………..

Untitled Infographic(1)

Isn’t it worth to take a moment in a day to thank the nature for blessing us with many wonderful gifts!! I certainly feel so !!

Also, linking it to the Gratitude Circle hosted by Vidya Sury, Corinne Rodrigues

Gratitude Circle Vidya Sury


I learnt too!!

Learning is an understatement when it comes to motherhood. Every moment is an experience in itself. Though earlier I have written what I learnt from my little son, I still love to add-on to it with this post.

Last week, we mommies from Dheer’s school planned for a half-day outing to the children’s park. Yes, you read it right, we could not dare to think beyond half a day with all these highly energetic chipmunks.

I tried to capture some innocent expressions and the learnings behind:

We fight, We play.
We don’t have egos, We are not jealous
We are just happy!!

Recently Updated

I can do it myself
One who tries, always succeeds


I am upset,I can still be happy!!
With my juice though!!


Happiness is what I know!!
Rest of the emotions, I don’t need to know


We learn from little things!!
Every small detail excites us!!!


As these kids had a gala time, seeing the animals, birds, playing in the sand, we mommies also had fun time with some nice snacks and I learnt too!!!

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Yes!!! Strange but true

Before I conclude that I have been mentally bankrupt and insanely immersed in juggling between work and home, handling random chores which cease only before we call it the end of the day, I had this interesting experience last evening and fortunately today I find time to blog it.

At my gym yesterday, I met a doctor who has just finished her MBBS and struggling to establish her career. She is married to an MBBS MD who is specialized in cardiology. While having a casual discussion about health, checkups, doctor careers, she ventilated her frustration.  She said off late they don’t get much cardiac arrests, and even when one gets to check up a patient, the junior doctors are not allowed to participate in the surgeries. She was irked that it is taking a long time to establish as good doctors and the competition is pretty high.

She also said, in other states, the doctors had a chance to perform good number of angiograms and angioplasties when compared to Chennai and that their competitors are easily equipping themselves with all the “technical-know-how” of all latest equipments and diseases.

She seemingly looked helpless to establish her career and said their daily prayers include a request that the number of patients who can afford good treatments increase.

I could not stomach this fact for some time. How can one pray for the diseases to increase? But, slowly I realized that she is doing her part. Nothing absurd about it. Establishing her career is her dream and she is just doing her prayers as like most of us who do it for our dreams.

This brings me to a fact that life has so many unknown edges. What is sorrow for some is a prayer for others. An ambulance driver can also pray for having more incidents of carrying patients to earn his living.

Life is defined in different ways to each of us. Let us try to make the best out of the one we have. Life can be defined as a very simple equation when  equated to love. Love your life!! Live your life !! Be busy loving your life that all other feelings like hatred, regret, anger, jealousy do not have time to fit into our life. It is love and only love that sweetens our life.


P.S : I have absolutely nothing against doctors and do not intend to belittle anyone in specific.