On the beach

Contest says winner gets “ON THE BEACH”,

Brain Storm, blogger I transform…

D-Day, Results sway

Happiness prevail, I get winner email

Thrilled me, for holidaying spree!!

At the dawn, surprise gift adorn

With a glee, I open and see

And Winner gets “On the beach”

Photo credit: Shailaja/ The Moving Quill

Photo credit: Shailaja/ The Moving Quill

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We have traffic rules!! Really?

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“Naanga right la kaiya poduvom, left la indicator pottutu straighta poi police ae confuse pannuvom”

This is a very famous comedy dialogue in a Tamil movie which translates to “We show the right hand, put on the left indicator but go straight and confuse the police”.

Yes!!! That’s exactly how people drive in India. This post is a hilarious attempt to give you the tutorials for driving on Indian Roads. If  you are new to driving, please refrain yourself from reading this.

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The ten most important points for you to follow on Indian roads: 

  1. When you are driving on the road, once in 50 meters, you find long poles with some decorating lights. They are called traffic signals, never worry about them. They are just meant to decorate the roads.
  2. Contribute your share to go-green. Never use the indicators on your vehicles. The Govt has been trying it’s level best to educate people about go green, we as citizens should do our part.
  3. Some people will be practicing for their F1 races or slow walking, please do not disturb them and allow them to practice on the main roads.
  4. If you are confused about your bargaining skills, best way is to test yourself with a person called cop.
  5. Never take efforts in showing  indications when you are taking a right or left turn, the person who is behind you will have super natural powers to know what you are going to do next.
  6. The white line at the traffic signal is only for color blinded people, you may comfortably ignore it.
  7. When you park a vehicle, do not worry much. You do your job and leave the worries to the other guys, let them find their own way out. They must have watched crystal maze in their childhood as well 🙂
  8. The last 20 seconds at the traffic signal are the most important ones in your life. Drive inch by inch, just like the slow motion shown during the replay in cricket matches.
  9. If someone is learning to drive or has a problem with his vehicle, it’s your constitutional right to be rude to him by honking louder and louder till he gets tensed and pees in his pants.
  10. Save your money by watching the circus on the roads. Some will be driving zig-zag, some of them will be resting their legs on a vehicle parallel to them, some of them will be jumping on the road dividers. Why should you waste money to see these tricks on stage when you can watch it free of cost on roads.

Source: Google Images

The author is not responsible for any accidents that may be caused while reading this article during your driving.

P.S: This post does not aim at belittling anyone. I have been driving on Indian roads for past 15 years and often find some of the habits really irking. I hope one day driving here becomes a pleasure and I will re-write this post as “Rules never to be over ruled on Indian roads”. Will I get the chance any time soon?

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Memory Intrigues – Chapter 27

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This is the 27th chapter of Memory Intrigues , a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of #CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.

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The story so far

After a while Cyrus comes out of the house.  Jenny looks at him carefully.  This is the first time she is seeing him so closely, in person.  Can she take the risk of approaching him and talking to him?  She might be running a risk in doing so.  Her instincts, however, tell her that Cyrus is not like Ahuja.  Ahuja is a dangerous man with criminal tendencies.  Cyrus looks like a normal young person and is in all probability seriously misguided.  She approaches him.  

 “Cyrus Daruwala?” she asks.


8:00 am:

Cyrus looks up in surprise. He is rushing out to get some breakfast for Roohi, Ahuja and himself.

For a moment he wonders who she is and retorts, suspicion and fear evident on his face, “Who are you? What do you want? And how do you know my name?”

Cyrus…..” she begins, pushing her hair behind her ears. Cyrus notices the tattoo on her right hand and it all comes back in a flash.

“Hey, aren’t you the missing Jennifer Joseph who was all over the news recently?” he asks, looking amazed.

Listen, I want to talk to you about something very important; let us just walk out for a bit and discuss this”.

Cyrus warily walks along with Jennifer, curious to know what she’s doing here. “Cyrus, I know about you from your blog. I happened to see it last week and being a professional photographer, I don’t  forget a face very easily” explains Jennifer.

“…..” Cyrus listens in silence, not knowing what to say.

Listen carefully Cyrus, there is something important I have to tell you. I have been in this profession for a long time now. My job involves dealing with a wide spectrum of people such as politicians, people in the field of entertainment, lawyers, criminals and many others. Believe me, Cyrus, I know the real faces of many of the people” explains Jennifer.

“But Ms.Joseph, why are telling me all this? We have just come on a weekend outing with my niece” says Cyrus looking around furtively to make sure no one is watching them.

It’s no use trying to spin me that yarn, Cyrus. I know the truth, so spare yourself the trouble of lying to me.” She tells him that she knows all about the Dutta family and that she also knows about Roohi’s abduction. “Believe me, Cyrus, you are playing with fire. Ahuja is a dangerous man. He is a swindler and a charmer, who makes a living by seducing rich women and subsequently black mailing them. That is how he manages to own a flat and a guest house in posh localities in Bombay.   Do you think a struggling artist can afford all this?

Cyrus, I am sure you are a brilliant student, I have seen the list of awards you have won and the various social initiatives you have undertaken, on your blog. Ahuja is not someone that a person like you should be involved with.  Let us work together to get Roohi out of this mess” pleads Jennifer.

“I am sorry Ms. Joseph, how can I trust you? Ahuja has been ever so sweet with Roohi; in fact he cares for Roohi a lot more than her own parents do.”

Cyrus, I have proof for all this. I once happened to work on a series of ‘Mystery Unfolds’ for a television channel which also involved this pimp amongst many others. Unfortunately, the program did not go on air due to political pressures. Please trust me and let us get Roohi and you out of this mess” persuades Jen.

Cyrus is now totally confused. He is uncertain about whom to trust – Jennifer, whom he met just a few minutes ago or Ahuja who has promised him good money. On one hand, he can’t help but co-relate what he has just heard with some marked changes he has noticed in Ahuja’s attitude before and after Roohi’s abduction. He also remembers Ahuja hurriedly hiding away some pictures when he had visited him at home for the interview for the blog. On the other hand, he finds it hard to trust Jennifer who works for the media and might want to make some money by divulging this incident to the world.

Trust me Cyrus, Ahuja will not hesitate to kill Roohi and implicate you in the matter; he is quite capable of going to any extent” explains Jennifer.

Cyrus now slowly pretends to trust Jennifer; he wants to hear what she is trying to say. He thinks of getting the entire plan out of Jennifer and then helping Ahuja to move Roohi out of this place.

“No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back. You aren’t like Ahuja.” She tries to persuade Cyrus to change his mind.

Jennifer explains to Cyrus that ACP Sameer Thorat is a very close friend and he can surely help Cyrus get out of this entire trouble. A totally confused Cyrus listens intently to Jennifer, his mind vacillating between trusting Ahuja and trusting Jennifer.

Ahuja will not hesitate to kill Roohi because she can identify you both and she will inform her parents about this once she is released.” Jennifer tries to win the Cyrus’ confidence.

His mind now slowly starts leaning towards trusting Jennifer and he murmurs softly, “But, how will I earn the money Ahuja promised me? How will we get the password now?”

Cyrus, don’t worry about the memory card!! Trust me and let us get Roohi out of this

“But Ms.Joseph, how do you know about the card?” asks Cyrus taken aback.

Jennifer explains to him that it was she who sent the card to Shekhar and it is a blank card. It does not have any data and no politician would pay for a blank card.

Confused, Cyrus agrees to listen to Jennifer’s plan, as she explains some details

Listen Cyrus, now that we trust each other, our first duty is to get Roohi and you out of this mess” and she shares her plan with him.

Cyrus listens carefully to all the details. He picks up some breakfast for Roohi, Ahuja and himself, and walks back to the guest house.

Jennifer is not sure whether Cyrus has actually understood her or whether he is just pretending. She feels that it is better to give him a chance before she calls in the police. She believes it to be better for Roohi and that she is safe as long as the police are not involved in this.


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