You know what!!!

Me: “Hey you know what!!!”
My friend: “ What???”
Me: “There is this new flavor with great stay in the market, did you try it?”
My friend: “Really?? I never knew”
Me: “ You must try it tonight”
My friend: “ I think I should, I already feel so!!”
What could you think of?
In another conversation:
My friend: “ Hey, I got this new stuff from US”
Me: “ Vow!!!”
My friend: “ Yes, this is not available in India and it is known for its quick effect”.
Me: “ Would you mind giving me one?”
My friend: “ Sure, I bet you would want to use it again!!”
What could you think of this time?
Come on!!!! You dirty minds!!! I never meant anything else. We are all common migraine friends and we are talking about new balm, new medicines in the market.
Now, go back and read the above lines again and you will agree.

Only two people with migraine can feel the soul sibling bond between each other. Whatever the context is, we end up discussing, how our last migraine was, what new medicines could be used for relief and many other such common qualities.

We are usually shameless in taking rest in public while we have headache, leaving office half-a-day when we are down with migraine, seeking help to puke while we have headache. No choice on this!!!

I sincerely wish whoever is reading this must never ever know what migraine is and must not have gone through this. If you are one with migraine, read my tips below on how to avoid migraine:

  1. Avoid skipping meals.
  2. Avoid strong perfumes.
  3. Avoid harsh lights, cold breeze.
  4. Avoid eating chilled items.
  5. Identify constipation and treat it with home remedies.
  6. Try breathing techniques to relax yourself.
  7. Try eating easily digestible food.
  8. Avoid getting stressed, nervous or too excited.
  9. Have proper sleep schedules.
  10. Smile

In many situations, though we try our best, we do not have control on situations which cause migraine. In that case, just sleep.

I would love to hear from you!!!

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