Is laundry only for woman?

Last evening when I was busy doing the laundry, I received a call from blogadda and they briefed me about the activity “Is laundry only for woman?”. This comes precisely at the time, when I am completely sunk in my daily chores and feel terribly apologetic of not being able to blog for quite some time. The woman hormones in me plunged out in joy and here I go with this post.

For past month or so, I have been juggling in between home and work. Cooking sessions twice in a day coupled with a dead line driven work, occasional cleaning, dusting and regular laundry sessions made me go into a vicious cycle of daily chores and I was left with no room for blogging.

When this activity came up on blogadda, I did not want to give it a miss. When I started researching on this,  I was aghast to see such harsh statistics as below:


I have to openly confess that I fall in the above category of 85% and in 2/3rds of the women who feel there is an inequality when it comes to daily chores. I go even further to this post and think that this inequality is not limited to laundry, it is about the comprehensive activities we women do on regular basis.

Any happy family is the one which shares their responsibilities. I googled on the role definition of family members. During ancient period, the role of the father was defined as “bread winner”. He is the one who makes the major family decisions together with mother or other family members. The mother is the “manager and treasurer” of the family. She supervises and coordinates the household tasks, takes care of the children, prepares the family budget, plans and prepares the family meal.

Thanks to the inflation, education system, equal employment opportunities in today’s world, there is no argument on the fact that both the partners should be earning members to meet the expectation of the quality life style we all want to lead.

But, what I fail to understand is the inequality in terms of handling the daily chores of the family. Both as I grew up and when I got married and shifted my house, I have only seen women running the houses. The male counter parts hardly involve themselves in the daily chores. I am sure majority of the Indian families run their operations in the same way.

The fact that 85% of the Indian working women feel that they have two jobs, one at work and another at home does not surprise me much. Since ages, it has been globally accepted that women are entitled to perform the duties in the house while the male members of the family relax themselves in front of the television watching the live telecast of the cricket matches. This scenario has been accepted and when questioned society is not ready to answer. The woman who questions is made the object and made to believe that she is wrong in expecting her husband to help her and she is the one who needs to run around for the chores. I understand that this could be the scenario back then, when women did not have the exposure or necessity to go out and work for 8 hours as like her husband.

But today, the situation is changed. Women work as much as men do, the stress levels that they have at work are equal to that of the men. No employer is treating them specially because they are managing the house. It is the same level of effort women are exerting at work as like men, but when it comes to managing the house, why this disparity? Why women are expected to perform the laundry or rather the entire chores of the house?

There has to be a change in the society, a change in the thought process, a change in the way families function. Though no woman can be punished for not performing her duties, life becomes a bliss when each partner performs one’s duty along with sharing the other’s responsibility.

I strongly feel that best to bend while it is a twig. As we teach our daughters that education is important for life, we need to teach our sons that they have to deliver duties as a son, husband when it comes to managing daily chores. This thought has to be strongly rooted deep down in their minds from their childhood. Apparently, kids learn maximum by seeing and following us. We need to set an example as parents by ideally sharing the day to day chores there by grooming them to be good life partners for their spouses as they grow up.

And finally

Men…… please understand, women are not blessed with mystical energies. They need to relax as much as you do!!!!

And a big salute to the men who are already doing this. Great job!!!

 Washing instructions for lazy husband.

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