A refuge here…

So, neither was I born nor raised in this city Chennai, but have been living here for past 8 years, adapted to it and adopted by it now.

The initial days, when I did not know the language, when no one speaks Hindi were tough, but, now I am proud to gloriously admit that I can read basic Tamil, speak fluent Tamil. Well, this blog post is neither about how I learnt Tamil nor I am writing a series of learn Tamil in 30 days.

During this course of my courtship with the city , quite often incidents happened which were very funny and left the people around me in huge bursts of laughter. Sharing few:

Incident 1 – At my office:

Call from front office which is in 2nd floor: “Madam, ungala paaka Senthil vandaru” ( Madam, Senthil came to see you)

Me sitting in 1st floor: ” Ok, avare erandhu varatame” ( Here I was supposed to use Erangi varatame, which means, let him walk to first floor, instead I used erandhu varatame, which means, let him die and come)

#%$@!~$%%^&&@@@ – Front office surprised, people around me in huge laughs

Incident 2 – From phone service centre ( when I gave my phone for a service):

Custom service executive: “Madam, unga passport number venum to check your phone” ( Trust me he sounded passport, he actually needed password number of the phone)

Me: “My passport number???”

He: “Yes, Madam”

Me:  Quickly fetch the passport number, still puzzled why he is asking for passport number and call him.

Me: ABCDE12334

He: “Madam, your phone’s passport number” ( U guys have to trust me again, he still sounded passport in place of password)

Me: “What do you need? And why do you need my passport number?”

He: “I need the phone’s passport number!!” (3rd time, I still did not get a hold about this)

He: “It is a 4 digit number to unlock your phone”

Me surprised, shocked and finally feel adopted by the city Chennai

This place Chennai is difficult to fall in love but when you fall, you don’t fall, but raise in love with the city. 

Some traits which surprise me that define Chennai:

  • Having a minimum of 25gms of vibudhi on face is mandatory before stepping out of the house.
  • Stopping by every pillayar kovil in each street, remove your slippers right on the road, and start praying.
  • Wear 2-3 garlands of flowers and ensure that the office floor stinks with heavy fragrance of malligapoo.
  • The best dish in a wedding lunch is the rasam and everything else is okay!!
  • Rahu kalam is the first thing kept in mind even to go out for mundane things like shopping groceries.

But, I also love:

  • The beautifully adorned rangolis as early as 5:00 A.M
  • The multi talented people of Chennai
  • The respect given for various forms of art
  • The city culture, still preserved carefully
  • The British constructions flaunting their beauty

and many more !!