Sixth Anniversary !!! Voila!!!

Just can’t believe time flies so fast. Its been six years that we are married. I think today is the day, I should tell you why I am still madly in love with you:

“YOU” are always yourself and you don’t waste your energy in changing for me
”YOU” are so simply simple  that you never plan to change your mobile
“YOU” taught me how to plan for a vacation because I forced you to do so
“YOU” helped me realize the impact of spending by making me pay my own bills
“YOU” taught me  how laziness is good for health
“YOU” always let me do things on my own so that I don’t bother you to help me
“YOU” always loved my cooking so that you don’t have to cook for me
“YOU” never say “NO” to anything I ask for  because you totally understand the impact of it
“YOU” are the best father as you taught Dheer that he has to approach Mom for everything and not disturb Dad for anything
It’s only because of “YOU”, that I realized surprises are a waste of time and there is no fun in waiting for them to happen

Before your thoughts run like cheetah, here are the actual facts!!

“YOU” are always there for me

“YOU” stood by me during my first few days of cultural adjustments to yours
“YOU” understand my reservations and respect them
“YOU” are the first one to compromise after a fight
It’s a surprise for me that “YOU” never get angry
“YOU” made me realize the importance of working
“YOU” have always considered my family as yours
“YOU” empathized with me for all the labour pain I have gone through
“YOU” tutored me the meaning of straightforwardness
And above all “YOU” gifted me with a beautiful family

“Happy Anniversary honey”…Thanks for bearing with me !!! I know how difficult it should have been with a person like me 🙂


Little Lamb Lost

I must confess that I did not have a single crafty bone in my body till I realized Dheer is enjoying his artsy craftsy activities. Since we read the book “Little Lamb Lost” yesterday, I tried my hand at making the lamb to reinforce the moral of the story and to improve his cognitive skills Continue reading

Why am I in Love with you???

Your name has “sweetness” in it

You inculcated the habit of charging my “battery up” to spend time with you

You made me realize that it is important to reconnect with old friends to have a “life”

You enlightened who my actual friends are, who help me at the time of crossing “levels” To know who is it?? Read more

Acchooo!!! uh uh!!! Temperature!!! Fever!!!!

These were the lion’s share of sounds heard for the last three years. I realize that as my little son is growing up, he is now slowly developing the resistance against cold or cough.

As an Indian mom, I prefer some home remedies which can be used first hand before we visit our pediatrician. Continue reading

Early Schooling – Always Memorable

In the next few days:

We are going to miss getting up early
We are going to miss drinking milk without brushing teeth
We are going to miss hurry burry bath
We are going to miss creative Snack Box
We are going to miss “Fun at home” activity book
We are going to miss periodical celebration of festivals

All this is because Dheer’s pre-school has concluded. 😦 😦

To cherish the moment and to thank his first teacher, Continue reading

Reading Books!!!

Early childhood essentially consists of development of :

1. Fine Motor skills
2. Gross Motor skills
3. Cognitive skills
4. Language or Communication skills
5. Moral values
6. Self-Help and adaptive skills
7. Social and Emotional skills

As Dheer is already 3 years old, his fine Motor, gross Motor skills are considerably developed. I am working on his Language skills, Social and Emotional skills Continue reading

Early Childhood Development – My Experiences

It has been a great 3 years journey for me as a Mother, rather I should say “Working Mother”.

Somehow, it’s always a feel-good factor that I am able to balance in between home and work!! Voila!!!

Well, I have been skimming through various blogs and websites, which give me good information about early childhood development and many of them inspired me to write my own experiences. With this blog, I would try to share my continuous learning as a mother.

I am blessed with a son ” Dheer ” and he is today 3 years 3 months 10 days old. I would be addressing him as “Dheer” in my upcoming posts.

Hope this blog is fun to read and I would be happy if any of the new mothers get some useful information from here!!!

Happy parenting!!!