New Year Resolutions!!!!


New Year!!!

First thoughts on our mind when we think of New Year….


The second thing that comes to my mind when I think of New Year is Resolutions.

Resolutions!!!!!  The dictionary definition of resolution is Firm decision to do or not to do something. From my child hood, I have been enthusiastic about listening to other’s resolutions and finding an interesting one to follow it. All this while, I have only heard of resolutions like losing weight, quitting smoke and have failed in Intuit one for me.

I have never made any New Year resolutions. Though I made resolutions all throughout the year, I was also proficient in snapping it at the same pace.

During this period of the year, whenever I read paper, I watched television, I saw Facebook, and I only notice everyone around writing, asking, sharing their New Year resolutions

For how many of us, does a New Year resolution really have value? I find in most of the situations, that these are the resolutions made on the day of the New Year and blissfully forgotten the week later.

So, this New Year I want to spread the thought of no resolutions. We do not have to wait for the New Year to take resolutions. They can be taken at any time provided we have decided to religiously follow it. Let us stop thinking of taking resolutions. Let us propagate the thought of happiness, simplicity and modesty to the world around.

Happy new year to everyone and hope this year brings in loads of luck to each one of you!!!


Change is never constant and we got to learn it!!!!!

Hurry…Hurry…getting late…


“Evalo kudupinge??” (How much will you pay?)

“I am using it daily…..I can’t give your more than this…” irritated customer walks away with difficult times ahead to find another better deal with autos in the scorching sun.

 This was history. Gone are the days when we need to endlessly bargain with the rude auto drivers. Thanks to the TamilNadu Government for introducing the auto meters. It has been more than a month that it’s made mandate here.

 I have read over the last one month in newspapers, about the move, about the reaction of the auto drivers and about how the police tackled them. On the other way around, I have also read articles about auto drivers, corruption in the RTA office to provide new meters.

 I have personally experienced agony, irritation. Now, you must be wondering what the title has got to do with the content I am describing about. Here goes the story

 Yesterday, when I was travelling back from T.Nagar, I had a very uncommon experience. I met an    auto driver Selvam who taught me a good lesson of life.

 Selvam was a looking dignified, neatly dressed and instantly accepted my “savari”, as we locally call the customer. On the way home, we had a nice conversation for about half an hour. He looked to be a well read person, he spoke about Aam Aadmi Party, his thoughts on how India could progress if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister.

 Selvam also looked to be a person with civic sense. He scrupulously followed the traffic rules and did not like when some of the others disregarded them and he looked upset about it.

 In the half an hour journey, he mentioned various social points and there is one thought that really impressed me. Selvam said the time has come for the auto drivers to transform. He insisted that the Government has administered this rule and the auto drivers need to understand the motto behind it. He also said, some of them have really ransacked the ignorant public by over charging the customers. But now, since the Govt has introduced this, auto drivers should accept it and go with the tide

 This has taught me a great lesson “Do not resist change” and it applies to every walk of life. Thanks Selvam for making my drive knowledgeable and teaching me a great lesson today and I would definitely ensure to use it in my day-to-day life and be a happy person like you


I love my dad!!!!

This blog is just to write my thoughts. It is about anything on my mind. This is dedicated to my lovely father and so here goes my first article about him

“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are” – Jim Henson.

Says a famous quote and my life is a veritable experience of the same.

I come from a lovely family of four. My parents, younger brother and self.  I had a gifted childhood.  My brother and I grew up in the silhouette of our father.  He was invariably dressed up in neatly ironed full sleeved shirts, conventionally polished shoes, perfectly  undamaged hair. He was an unpretentious, solicitous person. Though he is not with us today, we respect each and every value  he taught us and exercise it in our daily chores

Dad, you were a self-luminous super star for all of us. You were a person who had a great demeanor. We have learnt scores of values by just observing  your dispositions about life.

We have learnt “Discipline” when you meticulously got dressed up for your office and never defaulted on the timings to reach the work place

We have learnt “Patience” when you tirelessly stood in long queues for booking  night show ticket as we insisted to watch the movie on the first day.

We have learnt “Innocence”  in the way you dozed off to sleep in middle of the movie leaving us with your snoring sounds

We have learnt “Perseverance” when you enthusiastically took us around to shop for our toys  to make our favourite choice

We have learnt “Maturity” from the ways you handled month end financial crisis with your customary bright smile on your face.

Above all, we learnt what is “Love” from you

Luv u Dad!!!! Thanks for making us virtuous human beings. We feel blessed to be your kids!!!