Dares to depart

He was in his teens, life rosy by all means

“Go” says the heart, “No” conflicts the mind

Trailing his heart, he dares to depart

As his family await…..

He leaves to serve his country the great



P.S: Kudos to all soldiers who sacrifice their youth and selflessly serve the country.

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Racing with the Rat

It was midnight and I heard uncannily striking sounds from the hall. I needed an extra dose of courage to check who it was. Swiftly, I gathered the cricket bat ( God knows how I plotted to chase anyone out there with a plastic bat of my 3-year old)  and  barged out of the room. To my surprise, it turned mum!! I found nothing in the hall.

I wondered, if it could be an Alien or a Zombie ( OOO my mind!!! , So much Bollywood influence I say!! ). All throughout the night, I awoke for every creak and rustle, both real and hallucinated expecting some one around.

As it turned to be a day, I was happy to see everything normal and jumped on the hectic  day still wondering if it was a zombie or an alien. I tried flaunting my newly bought audio speakers and to my despair,  the connecting wires were disfigured, and with this, I continued to sulk if it was an Alien who failed to connect speakers to my desktop.

Next night, apparently at the same time, the sounds  repeated and this time from kitchen.  I was jerk awake ,with all my brain functions completely on. This time it scared the shit out of me. Pulling my guts, after praying to all the Gods on the earth, finally I made a move into the kitchen, and realized a tiny creature swiftly  trying to escape. I could see the shadow, and confirmed the Alien is none other than our Jerry Dear “The Rat!!!”


“ Errrrrrrr!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!” I yelled at the top of my voice, to which my husband panicked if I really found an Alien in our house as like in Krish movie,( Yes, we all are Bollywood fans!!), as this rat smartly escaped . In our house, we have a zero tolerance for rats and  so Mission Racing with the Rat was plotted.

Day 1 : With all the vengeance that he spoiled our newly bought Speakers, we were all set for the mission. I came up with the romantic thought of rat trapping him and leaving to the woods to live with his fellow friends.

We purchased a trap and placed it near the speakers with peanut butter inside ( Yes, the 7036919005_6b6f0ec904_zwhole day, Google was my closest friend who helped me with various likes and dislikes of rats). The little fellow  turned out to be smarter than us and he blissfully picked the food out of the trap and managed to escape. Adding to our grudge, on his way back, he had again bitten the replaced speaker wires. Guess he liked our new speakers more than what we do.

rat-intelligentDay 2: “You snatched our peace of mind and so are we going to” was the plan of the day. I must admit this fellow definitely did his ground work  before he ventured into this race. He understood our plot and today he did not  bother to look at the delicious food placed in the trap. Instead, he preferred to bite the cushions, wires, tubes and messed up the house. This feeling of defeat, was greater than the feeling of failure in my first interview and we pulled up our socks. “Tomorrow, I am going to get you man!!”

Day 3: After last two days of menace, we were furious and determined to get rid of him. This time, I believed, the way to heart is through the mouth and so I made delicious cashew nut fry and placed it in the trap. ( Never did I think so much on what to cook even for my husband ).  Hiding behind the pillar in the hall, we eagerly awaited his trap. In his usual style, he smartly picked up the food and as I sighed in disappointment, he got trapped!!!!

Yes!!! He is trapped!!! I hugged my husband and in the feeling of victory he lifted me as Harbhajan lifted Neeta in the infamous IPL gossip. ( What else can I relate to, when cricket runs on our television 24/7)  We felt as if we were next to Neil Armstrong in landing on the moon.

Yuppie!! Mission Racing with the Rat was successful. Finally, we had peaceful sleep after three days of planning, plotting and executing. We fed the rat delicious slices of cheese, though it was our enemy through out the mission and carefully dropped him in a  nearby park  to let him live with the nature.

As I finish writing this post, I am wondering, why my posts have been monkey menace followed by rat’s race, Is there any Alien influencing me ??

P.S: No animal was hurt during this post.

Redoing the house in my way!!

You give us the comforts, teach us the values

You reminisce the memories, revoke the fights

You embark values, insist the cultures

You are where our heart is, you are “Our Dear Home”


Yes!! I cannot agree  more to the saying “Home is where my heart is”

It is the place, where I am myself and I love being myself (Why not? When I have a supportive husband, or should I say, when I am successful in insisting him to be supportive? :p )

Home is where I feel secure (In spite of all my tantrums, uhhh!!)

Home is where I am in my comfort zone (who else other than me, can afford for lazy Sundays, late night movies, in spite of having a 3-year old kid at home)

Home is where culture, cuisines, comforts, values, adjustments, arguments are blended under one roof

If ever I get a chance to re-do my home,  I would select:

  1. Earth Welcome Hanging Mural

 welcomeThe first thing that I would purchase is the Welcome Mural. This would express cordial welcome to all the guests to our home and spread the fragrance of positive vibes from the entrance. Its multicolored finish symbolizes the various emotions and the perfect blend of colors reflect how we manage to sail through them.

You can check this product here 

The actual cost of the product is Rs.750, but makemyhome.com  is offering a discount of 18% and one could purchase it at a price of Rs. 615.00

  1. Apno Rajasthani Time piece and National Emblem stand

Next thing that I would zero on is Time Piece and National Emblem Stand. It is  a beautiful white wood crafted with the National Emblem of India, the new rupee sign and an elegant watch. I do not see any reasons why I should not select it.


The four lions on the National Emblem represent power, courage, pride and confidence and the emblem iterates the divine saying “Sathyameva Jayathe” (Truth alone Triumphs). A glance at this would remind me of the social responsibilities as a citizen and would encourage me to inculcate the same thoughts in my little son. The watch helps me to keep up the time.

You can check the product here

The original price of the product is Rs. 800 as against the offer price of Rs. 624 by makemyhome.com

  1. Apno Rajasthani Hand painted Piggy Bank

The tradition of saving in piggy banks dates back to as old as 18th century. By buying this piggy bank, I will teach my little son the very importance of saving money, though I prefer to use one myself.


The actual price of the product is Rs.900 which is sold at Rs.621. Product can be checked out here

Living in the city of Chennai, which is often driven by the traditions and cultures, I would like to add the ethnic look to our house and encourage the art. I have selected all handmade collection to our house and as a citizen of this culturally driven country, I feel we should not let the art die down deep and do our little to encourage the artists and various art forms.

Live with art it's good for you

Adding to the pleasure of re-doing our house,  was the experience of shopping at makemyhome.com with good discounts. I saved money and it was a hassle free shopping leaving me not to bother about the parking lots, long queues.

Why don’t you think of re-doing your house with makemyhome.com? You can check their link here

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Give your best and forget the rest

Last week, I attended Parent Facilitator meeting in my son’s school. This was the first  meeting in his school. The school generally functions for 3 hours in a day but in order to cater to the upcoming cultural event, it functioned 2 hours for the last month.

All the parents were present on dot at the time mentioned for the meeting. As the teacher started briefing us,the curiosity in parents was exponentially raising. Each of them wanted to know if their child was doing good, having their snacks, drinking water, peeing in the school, reciting rhymes, being friendly with others, drawing properly, understanding english..uff!!! and all these in the 2 hours duration with a 20 minutes snack break !! gasp!!!

At one instance, when the teacher mentioned about a story book series and one of the parents was not aware of it, all the others pounced on her explaining about the series and tried to prove that they were more knowledgeable than others. And when the topic turned  to snacks, they were proud that they sent fruits, boiled vegetables, which the teacher mentioned most of them resisted to eat.


Now, when I sit here and think aloud, I feel why are we in such a great stress? Why do we always want to be perfect? Is this due to the constant stress, anxiety of whether we are the best parents or not? or is there a super-mom pageant held somewhere which I know nothing about?


I am not too sure why we all get into this groove, but I  am sure, many of us  want to be best parents, want to give the best food, want to spend real quality time, want to read more books and the list goes on.

I strongly believe the fact that experience is the best teacher and as my son is growing,I realized that I  am not a supermom and I don’t want to be one either. I want to parent my son in my own way, only enabling him to grow up as a good human being with family ethics.

There were days when I had to fight my guilt for working and leaving him at home for the entire day, not able to spend as much time as other parents do, but now I am no more in the rat race. We often cannot judge how we fared till our children are grown up and independent. So dears, parenting is not a competition, Give your  best and forget the rest.


What we have is not for many!!!

They embraced, they spoke….

She swayed her hands, he nodded…

She expressed, he deciphered…

They spoke in Silence…

They are intensely paired though nature made them speech-impaired


P.S : This post is inspired after I saw a speech -impaired couple last evening, who could not talk to each other but communicated blissfully with sign language. I was taken aback and I realized how lucky we are. We have been blessed with the gift of speech by this nature and most of the times we are too engrossed in our arguments that we make it louder for the mere pleasure of winning it.

Don’t you agree there are better ways of benefiting with this gift of nature?




Memories are always Memorable


Technology gives us many pleasures in life. When I was introduced to email during schooling, I was thrilled to use it and I was one of the firsts who wrote letters to my cousins in the USA while most of my other friends had to wait for days to send and receive a reply. Then came the days of yahoo messengers, hotmail messengers, orkut, facebook, twitter and very recently Whatsapp.

Very recently, we ( me and my husband ) have been  part of a Whatsapp group of his cousins and since then the fun had been non stop. Continue reading

Time?? Do I have??? Yes, I do!!

Ever since I have been reading this book “Family Wisdom” by Robin Sharma (It might be a late read though), I have been pondering over this thought of self improvement and quality time. I always had a To-do wish which keeps changing its proportions from time to time. My current To-do list tops as below:

  • Spend more quality time with my son               todo
  • Read more books
  • Work out more
  • Grow a nice garden
  • Bake variety of dishes
  • Blog more often than I do
  • Start a nice terrace garden
  • Join classical music classes
  • Join cycling club

As I pen down, I feel the urge of adding more and more to the list. In spite of having my to-do list ready for quite some time now, I see myself doing nothing towards it and the excuse “No time!!!”

Excuses, excuses!!! Now when I think back, it makes me wonder do I really don’t have time? Or is it the lack of will to do? or lack of enthusiasm to stretch that extra minute?

Personally, I know many people who manage their days much better than me. There are many women who have been juggling with work, life and still pursuing their passions, hobbies. They are able to do many things in a day due to their planning, perseverance, enthusiasm.

Just quoting an example, my office assistant works full time in my office in between 9:00 A.M to 7:30 P.M, he works part- time from 10:30 P.M to 2:00 A.M,from 3:00 A.M to 4:30 A.M he distributes the local news papers and in the weekends he participates in the local political events. What drives him? Participation in the political work and distribution of news paper are his interests and he runs the extra mile to do them.

Now, what am I trying to say??

Why do we stop to “push” ourselves a little, why do we feel “lack of time”? I feel we need to start understanding what drives us for being happy, start taking time out for our hobbies, start moving things from “To-do” to “Must-do” and I am sure we will enjoy doing them. Like in my case, blogging and cooking unpredictably comes to me. It could be a really hectic day but I feel penitent when I don’t pen down some thing for the day and I am totally aware that most of my list stated above, can easily be achieved if I stop lazing on the weekend and sacrifice my sleep for an hour in the week days.


We aim to spend time with ourselves in future in the name of postponement, but trust me, it’s good to enjoy life now than in the future. Give the best to yourself, stretch that extra minute, start spending time for yourself and see the difference it makes. Do you agree??


P.S: Don’t ask me if I am able to do it? I am in the process and trying to practice what I preach!!

It’s your birthday Brat!! Or Man??

Bro: “Shut up!!! Mom loves me more”can-stock-photo_csp5780437

Me: “ You shut up, and so does dad”

Those were the days, when we ( me and my demon brother)  fought umpteen number of times in a day. God knows how our parents dealt with us during our childhood days. Today is 27th birthday of my little brother ( Not little anymore though!!) and I am still surprised how it happened.

To my dear darling brother, Continue reading