Gratitude is the memory of the heart

1c25bf8f6c8fa1be9b6895e80dfc72bfThe blogosphere is buzzing with Diwali bee and I am still with the gratitude list of last month. On this special day of Diwali, I think I should not procrastinate it any more and here goes my post!!! October 2015 was a memorable year in my life for reasons known. My brother got married to his lady love this year ( More about it here ) and I feel so grateful to this nature that things went on as expected and the marriage was a super duper joyous event.

This month, I had been grateful to various people for various reasons.

  • The first wishes of gratitude for this month should certainly be extended to my mom, who made everything possible. After my father passed away, she stood like a rock solid pillar to protect us. Her due diligence and intelligent planning made it easier for the wedding to go as planned.
  • To the bride’s family who played the perfect hosts.
  • To all my cousins, who helped us to distribute the invitation cards, who were rock solid dance performers, who split nerve cracking jokes, who cooked midnight meals, who lent me the last minute cosmetics I lost, who were there from the beginning to the end.
  • To the cook who made delicious dishes all through the wedding though I am also cribbing that I put on a little weight.
  • To the photographers,floral decorators, mehendi artists, the tailors, the beauticians, the drivers,maids, each and every one who had been a part of this wedding.
  • Special mention of my employer who was kind enough to grant me a long leave to enjoy this vacation to the chore.
  • To my little son who is ever charming as he is and had been a trouble free kid and enjoyed his stay at the wedding.
  • To all my relatives who ensured to attend the wedding though it was on a festival day and to all who blessed the couple from wherever they were.

I enjoyed the marriage hush with irregular lunches, late night dinners, super duper jokes, family reunions, body fatigues, financial crunches, accounts management, superior plannings, failing executions, contingency plannings, teasing the bride and the groom and this list certainly continues.

Above all, our family as always proved to be one of the best. Thanks to everyone who stood by us!!! Love you all.

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And he is married!!!

So, I have been on a blogging break for my little brother’s wedding (Yeah, he is still little for me) and what better way to get back than to write a letter for the loving life he is going to unfold.

As you read this dear brother, I know you are in the midst of scuba diving or a romantic candle light dinner out there enjoying your honeymoon!!

As my younger brother, you have always been a headache for me right from the days when you confidently dumped all your project works at school on to me till the day I packed your bags for your wedding ensuring I don’t miss on your under garments !!!

You know we have seen many jubilant and rough phases in our lives and I think standing together in the tough times made our relationship special and unconventionally remarkable. It’s hard to describe it in few words and I am sure you won’t hesitate to agree more.

The day you announced your love to me was the most thrilling day for me as I have waited to hear from you about your choice ( every time, I assume it would be ‘she’ and it never happened ) and finally you made the right choice. Yes, she is absolutely the perfect choice you could ever make, I am so proud you took the right decision at the right time.

So, now time has come up for you to take up more responsibilities in life. This phase of life comes with unconditional love, unimaginable responsibilities, irrelevant emotions, unexpected expectations. Handle all through and make it a happy song. Some things I would like to share which life taught me 

  • Have unconditional love
  • It is absolutely okay to give up in an argument
  • Come what may, play ego down
  • Lesser the expectation, happier the life
  • Sharing responsibilities is always fun
  • It’s always “We” and never “Me” henceforth
  • Reinvent love everyday

and many more…..( I am sure if I write two more points, you won’t have the patience to read this letter till the end, so I better stop it here )

Wish you both a very happy married life and loads of love. May God bless you both to be forever as loving as you are today.

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Memories are always Memorable


Technology gives us many pleasures in life. When I was introduced to email during schooling, I was thrilled to use it and I was one of the firsts who wrote letters to my cousins in the USA while most of my other friends had to wait for days to send and receive a reply. Then came the days of yahoo messengers, hotmail messengers, orkut, facebook, twitter and very recently Whatsapp.

Very recently, we ( me and my husband ) have been  part of a Whatsapp group of his cousins and since then the fun had been non stop. Continue reading

It’s your birthday Brat!! Or Man??

Bro: “Shut up!!! Mom loves me more”can-stock-photo_csp5780437

Me: “ You shut up, and so does dad”

Those were the days, when we ( me and my demon brother)  fought umpteen number of times in a day. God knows how our parents dealt with us during our childhood days. Today is 27th birthday of my little brother ( Not little anymore though!!) and I am still surprised how it happened.

To my dear darling brother, Continue reading