She waits…

She stays in hope, dreams to cope
Like a dove, she waits for love

Tight her eyes, wipes her tears
She longs for warmth, patience put forth

Waits for years, to kiss away the hours
She wishes to be loved, dreamt to be his beloved

Every day, Every night, every moment
In pain, she prays for the Lord’s attainment


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If I were a bird

What if I were a bird?

Thanks to my blogging, I have been approached by the little sweet girl next door, asking me to give her ideas to write on the topic “If I were a bird”.

This left me thinking…yaaa!!! What if I were a bird ?? What will I do?? Sounds interesting isn’t it? I felt….

If I were a bird, I would fly high
Leaving the earth, with a blissful bye

Beyond the oceans, darning the emotions
Mystic peace, miseries cease

Resting on the cloud, sing songs aloud
Peace prevail, words fail

If I were a bird, I would fly high
Leaving the earth, with a blissful bye


As I was lost in the beautiful imaginary world, I suddenly get reminded that I am not a bird when I smelt the burning milk that I left on my gas stove some time back :p

As they say, grass is always greener on the other side, I do not know what a bird goes through, the tough times to safeguard itself from the hot sun, chilling winters, cruel hunters. I think I am happier this way being a human.

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Blissful it was….Memories that last….

My grey cells have been enjoying their summer vacation, a rather extended one as I have been away from blogging for some time. Now that I try to come back, void thoughts surround me. What do I write about?

Talking about summer vacation, I decided it is the time to write a reminiscent post. One which brings back the memories of my childhood and I am sure most of you will relate to this.

We lived in a colony which consisted of 8 blocks with 6 flats in each block. Then, it was called a colony, these days such flats are called a gated communities. We were a group, or rather I am fond of calling it a nasty gang of 20 kids, all of us more or less of the same age. In those days, our major games included Current-Shock, Nela-Banda, Thokkudu-Billa, Antakshari, 10-20 etc etc. Please excuse me for using colloquial names, I really do not know if these games had some universal names.

The best part of our summers was during the power cuts in the evenings. During those days, unlike today none of the houses had inverters and so invariably everyone was forced to come out during the scheduled power cut to breathe some fresh air. Mommies  would finish cooking, daddies would finish reading newspapers and children would await the power cut to have some colony-time.

Usually, the power shut down was in between 7:00 P.M to 8:00 P.M when it was considerably dark. The time was used to conduct silly movie quizzes to compete in antaksharies to gossips about happening couples in the colony. We all competed with each other, cheated each other, cursed each other but ultimately when the power was resumed, welcomed it with a big “Uuuuuu!!!!!” shout.

This reminds me of a prank we played on our Milkman once. He usually came in the night for delivering the milk. One day, the nasty gang decided to play the “Ghost Game” with him. During the power cut, the corridor would be pitch dark and he had to walk through that area. One fine day, we meticulously planned the entire plot to play the prank. We hung a thick thread with small fire on both the sides over a nail in this dark area.From a distance, it looked like two scary eyes with no proper body shape. That unfortunate day, the milkman came through in his usual way and was terrified to look at the  fire which resembled eyes. We all have cleverly hidden behind a wall and also added the scary effects by making some special sounds in the back ground. The milkman was horrified to see the fire and ran back in fear to save himself. Though I now feel sorry for the milkman as I write this, it was a moment of joy, a fun filled moment.

As soon as we were successful in scaring him, we all celebrated the moment of joy with a clap and loud laughter’s. We later confessed to the guy about the prank and pleaded his pardon.

As kids, we never knew what jealousy was, what expectations were, what miseries were, what life was all about. All we knew was to have fun and share the moment. I soo wish the wheel turns back and I get back to my childhood days.

I am sure you all had many such summer vacation memories, don’t you?


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