My June gratitude list


Let me begin this month’s gratitude post with a confession. There were days when I did not realize the value of being thankful. I never considered being thankful to be really indispensable or perhaps I did not make efforts to express the same. But they say, experience is the best teacher and yes it is. I learned from experiences. Nature has taught me the importance of being grateful and expressing the same.

As like any month, this month had seen ups and downs. I had tough times to face through as much as I had jolly times to laugh through. Overall, it had been good joyous month. Maintaining the gratitude and happiness journals have now become DIY project for me. So, here goes my list of gratitude for this month:

  • First gratitude prayers for this month need to be extended to an elderly man who offered to share his space while I was traveling with my LO in a train and had  unexpected issues. He was a stranger whom I just met, but was courteous enough to offer me help when I needed it.
  • We had the initial showers of this year’s monsoon and I enjoyed the drizzles of the first rains and look forward for more.
  • My son’s school had begun this month and my LO was all excited to wear his new school uniform, shoes and enjoyed his stay at school. I am grateful to his teacher, his aayama who made his days enjoyable at school every day.
  • Hurricane of thoughts had been swirling through my mind about going green and turning environment friendly. (This deserves a separate post which I will be doing very soon). Just a brief, I have started home composting and all thanks to the information shared on the internet, I am able to bring some changes in waste segregation and contributing my share towards a better environment.
  • I am thankful to the nature for enabling me to participate in the 100sareepact and I am thoroughly enjoying my stay. It’s fun to be a part of it without bothering about the score I am going to end up with.
  • This month, I had a chance to socialize with couple of mothers from my son’s school and also couple of my cousins. It was fun to have them around, cook for them and have a nice time with them. I thank them for spending some quality time with us.
  • Pinterest had been a great source of motivation. It fed me with wonderful quotes when I was down with low energy.
  • Recently, gardening bug has bitten me big time and I made all arrangements to start my terrace garden. Thanks to the local support I have, I will be starting it  next week.

Gratitude is not a one-time action. Perhaps, it is not an action at all. It is a virtue that has to be imbibed within us and has to be a natural reaction for all the actions nature throws at us.

Thanks to every one, it had been a great blogging month for me. I had participated in 3-Day quote challenge, Write tribe Monday musings, Write tribe festival of words. I met interesting new bloggers and I look forward for better times ahead.

Happy Blogging!!

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9 thoughts on “My June gratitude list

  1. It sounds like you have had a great month with some new beginnings. With a little one myself, I can attest to how the kindness of strangers on public transport can really make your day.

  2. inquisitivegeet says:

    Sounds like a month!!! Me too used to maintain my journal, and a list of gratitude,, these days it’s on halt.. will soon be starting over it again 🙂
    It’s humble on your part to consider all of the stuff..


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