Struggle with the Shoes

We all love to be those “Movie families” who peacefully sit at the breakfast table discussing the agenda of the day. Don’t we?

But in reality, I am sure, in most of the households, mornings are flocked with innumerable number of responsibilities. For me personally, breakfast, lunch to be prepared, boxes to be packed and unlimited number of reminders to Dheer (and his dad)  to be on time to school and me rushing to be on time to work.

Luckily, my husband takes the onus of getting Dheer dressed up to the school, but how can a chance to spruce up my adrenaline be missed?? Dheer chose me to help him with his shoes.

Shoes!! The word gives me ghostly vibes. Reason, my every day battle with Dheer to get an okay nod for the shoes. No, no!! He does not hate wearing shoes but he is just NOT satisfied with the way the laces are tied.

Usually, we need to start at home by 8:45 A.M. The school is about 5 min from our home and it is mandatory for us to be at the school by 8:50 A.M

8:30 A.M: After about close to an hour’s struggle by his dad to wake him up, brushing, poop, milk, bath etc ( This surely deserves a separate post), Dheer is ready to be dressed up for the school.

8:35 A.M: He is dressed in his uniform waiting for me to help him with the shoes

Attempt 1:

8:36 A.M : I put on the shoes, tie his lace

8:38 A.M: “Amma, you put on the shoes in the wrong way!!! I don’t like them”

Attempt 2:

8:40 A.M : I remove the shoes and help him wear it again, this time tying it more affirmed.

8:42 A.M: “No, these lace are hanging out. I can’t walk if the lace is placed wrongly. Please remove the shoes”

Attempt 3:

8:45 A.M: I remove the shoes again, try to divert his concentration by telling stories and put back the shoes, this time doing a double knot

8:46A.M: “Amma!!!!! I like the story but not the shoes….You always put it lose… How can I run if it is like this?”

Attempt 4:

8:47 A.M: I untie the lace, tie it back and ensure no portion of the lace is left hanging

8:50 A.M: Dheer crying out loud : “Amma, when will you learn how to put on shoes??? My toe is coming out of the shoe and I am not able to walk”

Attempt 5:

8:55 A.M: Do the complete cycle of putting on the shoes, tying the lace yet again. (Patience at the lowest ebb)

After about 15 minutes of struggle, though he is still unhappy with the shoes, he gives me an OKAY nod. I feel as though I won the “ Best Blogger award for a cash prize of rupees one crore” for a moment and try to hold his hand and walk fast towards the main door.( See the time is already 8:55 A.M)

He pushes, pulls, toggles. stomps with the shoes. He decides that only walking like a rabbit is the right way to walk in the freshly tied lace so that it does not come out and we both walk like rabbit till he is comfortable in the shoes and generously waste about 5 minutes in this activity and end up going late to the school.

This has been the story every day ever since uniform and shoes has been introduced to him about 2 months back. Though I try to explain to him in various degrees of patience (and impatience) depending on how late we are running, it just does not stick.

Now, topping on the toast for today:

Today, Dheer felt his granny was good at tying the lace and so I get a sigh of relief. After dressing up, he approached his granny to tie the lace and it took exactly 10 minutes 23 seconds for them (Yeah, both grandparents included) to get an Okay nod!! Haa…they fare better than me.

Now, I want to know who invented this laces for the shoes???

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Memories Reservoir

Some quirky conversations between Dheer and me:

One evening I was teaching Dheer opposites and my question to him:

Amma: “What is the opposite of light?” (Expecting him to say heavy)

Dheer:  “Opposite of light is fan, because both of them have different switches”

Proud mommy!!! I could not stop but give him a tight hug for his lateral thinking. (At least I assumed so)


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