Doing nothing #Monday Musings

My weekends are usually jam packed. Invariably I come up with a series of things to-do, places to visit, guests to be invited, mess to be cleaned and what not!! Saturdays are usually the times we prefer to spend the day out and have some family time. But, this week had been an exception and it is worth the mention.

I realized that I am in a race to catch up with life. I am running the hectic schedules with school, work, chores and forgetting that there needs to be a pause. A pause that will teach us nothing, that will take us no where. So, this weekend we have decided to do nothing. My son, my husband and myself just relaxed on the terrace and did nothing. We spent about two hours during which:

  • We played cricket with a dummy bat and ball
  • We enjoyed seeing the blooming plants on the terrace
  • We loved the pigeons that came up fluttering their wings
  • We admired the beauty of the dark clouds
  • We hugged, laughed
  • We cracked jokes
  • Adding to all these,there was a beautiful rainbow and we enjoyed watching it

Sometimes, it is just okay not to do anything and relax. Do you agree?photoLinking it to Microblogging Mondays and Monday Musings at writetribe.


13 thoughts on “Doing nothing #Monday Musings

  1. Your “do nothing” list sounds like a lot of wonderful something to me! It sounds relaxing, and fun, and devoid of stress. A beautiful way to spend a day.

  2. I like the title of the post, firstly. Some times this is the way we want to spend some weekends isn’t it?.Nice Read. I see you had a great weekend with your family:)

  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    Oh yes. It is great fun to do just nothing sometimes. It is so very much needed too given the pace of life we lead!

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