Memories Reservoir

Some quirky conversations between Dheer and me:

One evening I was teaching Dheer opposites and my question to him:

Amma: “What is the opposite of light?” (Expecting him to say heavy)

Dheer:  “Opposite of light is fan, because both of them have different switches”

Proud mommy!!! I could not stop but give him a tight hug for his lateral thinking. (At least I assumed so)


Another such conversation:

Dheer: “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Amma: “What do you think?”

Dheer: “I think you are a girl”

Amma: “Why do you think so?”

Dheer: “Because you laugh a lot and only girls laugh, boys wont”

Surprised Mommy!!!


After listening to the famous Thirsty Crow story, a sudden thought popped up:

Dheer: “Amma, why does not the crow drink the water with a straw? Why is it looking for stones?”

Amma silenced though I tried convincing him with some weird answers I could think of.


On one occasion, Dheer noticed the mehendi on my hands and said:

“If  you asked me, I would have colored your hands with a crayon. Why did you waste your time yesterday?”

Alright boss!!! I never asked you


I am sure we parents have innumerable number of such encounters. I am making an attempt to capture them and build the memories. They say memories are the only things that remain and so, I am trying to make ours.

Five religious practices I follow to ensure that the memories are preserved and Dheer’s childhood is made memorable :

Photographs:  Photos are always an inseparable part of my life. I have captured every action he made, every occasion, every moment in the form of a photograph. You must be wondering what distinct about this. Yeah, I am coming to the point. I printed albums year on year.I have the same kind of albums from the day he was in my womb. Trust me, he so enjoys peeking into these albums once in a while.

Conversation Journal: I maintain a conversation journal. All the funny conversations we had, the smart moves he made, the  physical and mental endurance tests I have gone through by being readily cranky and many other instances are all noted. Some of them are blogged too.

Email Address: This is an idea I discovered from the great internet. I created an email address for Dheer and write letters to him. I share some random pictures we clicked, I write on how cranky he has been at restaurants, how helping he has been at home and many such incidents. I have also written how he helped me to get a new saree by spilling an entire cup of hot coffee on my silk saree. I hope when he grows up to read these letters, he would certainly enjoy reading them all.

Video: All his art and crafts done at school, at home, his report cards, his prize in running race are all captured and made as a video. I plan to make it an yearly practice and share it with him when he grows up to enjoy them all.

Hand prints: This has been a long pending wish of mine. I would be making imprints of his cute little hands and legs and preserve them. This is a DIY project and so the delay.

I am sure  all the parents reading this have some unique interesting ways to preserve your child’s memories. Would love to hear your ideas.

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7 thoughts on “Memories Reservoir

  1. Internet and Technology have made our lives so easier and fun, when i read these points. I am sure Dheer would cherish these memories for his lifetime.

    The conversations show his innocence; on the light, my answer would have been dark 🙂

  2. Shilpa Garg says:

    Dheer is a very smart boy. Love the way he thinks. A conversation journal is a super cool idea. It is going to be a cherished and priceless treasure for all of you as you grow old.

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