#2. Chetpet Eco Park

This is the second post in the Out-V-Go series. The newly inaugurated Eco Park at Chetpet, which was opened to public 2 weeks ago.

I learn that not long ago, this was just a giant water body with over grown and un-maintained plants. This lake is maintained by Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department and it has been renovated into an eco friendly Park with boating as the main attraction.

Below is some information that may be useful.

Visiting Days: All days, except Tuesday

Timings: 9:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M

Entry: Adults – Rs. 25/-, Children – Rs.10/- ,

Boating: Adults – Rs. 50/-, Children – Rs. 25/-

Car Parking: There is a multi level car parking, charged at Rs.20/- per hour.

This place is just over the main road, can be located easily. It is precisely, opp to Ega Theater.

So, the park welcomes us with the lush green grass and beautiful paintings across the walls.

There is a 1.5 kms walking track for walkers and there is a subscription for walkers on monthly basis.

The major attraction of this place is the boating.  It is one of it’s kind where the kids can have the experience of boating, right in the center of the city. My son liked the experience. He had various doubts like what is a life jacket? why are sharks and whales not inside the water? Why the waves are created artificially? and many more, all through out our time at the park and I have been considerably saved, as this time my grey cells co-operated to a good extent.

Another attraction of the park is the children’s play area with slides, swings, rope climbing etc.

There is also an angling spot, were one could catch fish, with an option of selling what you catch!! ( Looks like a good part-time job option).

They are also coming up with amphitheatre, a roof top restaurant I was told.

Overall, it was a good experience, my son loved both the boating and the park. He did not mind the hot sun at all 🙂 and that’s what makes them kids!!

I only hope the park is maintained the way it is today by both the authorities and the public and it does not lose it’s initial glory.


Just to avoid the heavy rush, we decided to visit the park in the morning before the sun was really hot. We were at the park by 9:30 A.M and had been considerably saved from the hot sun, traffic and the parking hassles.

I noticed heavy rush of people and long queue by 11:00 A.M, so plan your trip accordingly.

Since this is  recently opened, the crowd is coming over in huge numbers and so the tickets for boating is stopped by as early as 2:00 P.M.

There are only 10 boats and so the invariable rush makes them to stop issuing tickets for boating.

Outside food is not allowed. There is also a food stall near the children’s park offering you options like pani puri, chat items, fruit juices, cakes etc.

Some other interesting tit-bits:



Can you spot the mistake?


So, that’s the history

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I learnt too!!

Learning is an understatement when it comes to motherhood. Every moment is an experience in itself. Though earlier I have written what I learnt from my little son, I still love to add-on to it with this post.

Last week, we mommies from Dheer’s school planned for a half-day outing to the children’s park. Yes, you read it right, we could not dare to think beyond half a day with all these highly energetic chipmunks.

I tried to capture some innocent expressions and the learnings behind:

We fight, We play.
We don’t have egos, We are not jealous
We are just happy!!

Recently Updated

I can do it myself
One who tries, always succeeds


I am upset,I can still be happy!!
With my juice though!!


Happiness is what I know!!
Rest of the emotions, I don’t need to know


We learn from little things!!
Every small detail excites us!!!


As these kids had a gala time, seeing the animals, birds, playing in the sand, we mommies also had fun time with some nice snacks and I learnt too!!!

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