My Kindergartener son

Your little toes, your chubby cheeks, your tummy kicks,trust me, I am fond of these as ever and pretty sure I would not get enough of the memories.

As I fondly reminisce the baby you were once, today I am proud to be the mommy of a grownup Kindergartener.

Time just flies by and I can’t agree more. This year had been brilliant for us. The first day of your school is still a wink away for me, your excitement for new shoes, your like for the new snacks box, how could I forget it?

Though we started on a giddy feeling of reading difficulties, we coped it up well as time progressed.

By the time, you finished your kindergarten:

  • You empathize with mommy the way I would expect you to be.
  • You have gratitude for little things.
  • You are a disciplined student.
  • You are responsible in finishing your assignments on time.
  • You appreciate mommy’s efforts for your tasty lunch box.
  • You respect the time fixed for cartoons and video games.

In terms of academics too, this year had been incredible.

  • You learnt to say one to hundred without a number skipped and you realize there are numbers beyond hundred too.
  • You now know to add and subtract single digit numbers.
  • You write your name far better than what you were doing it last year and I don’t have to look for the letters forming your name all over the page now.
  • You can write small sentences with proper grammar.
  • You enjoy writing small picture comprehension passages all by yourself.
  • You are good in skip counts, though you sometimes challenge that skip count after 15 is 25.
  • You know vowels and their usage.

I must take this moment to profusely thank your Class teacher Mrs.Divyatha for having been one-of-her own kind. She was the one who inculcated the thoughts that values are much more important than grades in the class. She had been an awesome teacher I must say!!

So, as we progress to the next class ( Grade 1), you now know more than I do about how to book a train ticket through reservation form, what a ticket conductor does in a train, the precautions we need to take when there is a fire or what  is a good touch and a bad touch and I am certainly proud of it my little boy.

I love the way you exhibit empathy and compassion at every possible juncture and I am happy your school has inculcated many life lessons to follow. Overall, kindergarten has made you a more resilient, empathetic, competitive personality.

As you sleep and dip into your dreams, this mommy sits beside you savouring your tummy kicks, your first steps, your innocent words, your intelligent explanations. Very soon, you will be grown into a handsome young boy aspiring bigger, chasing your dreams. Here is wishing you a great life ahead filled with compassion, love, empathy all around you!!! Being an empathetic, socially responsible human being is equally important as being educated and well-earned.

God bless you with a life of your choice.

My attempt to capture the memories of your upper Kindergarten are here in this video.




Magical Story….

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them” – Ira Glass

And I believe in it. It is always an exhilarating experience to share stories, many known and some own with Dheer and his friends.

So, as I was shortlisted for the activity which involves story telling with  #ColgateMagicalStories Activity at BlogAdda, I was ecstatic. Colgate had been a trusted brand in my family since childhood. It was patronised by my grand mother and then my mother and now followed by me. And to be involved in an activity with such a brand was an experience in itself.

So, here it goes, our experience of Colgate magical stories activity:

As a part of the activity, I received a nice bright package with a  huge print of Colgate on it. With no clue of what this activity is going to be, we ( me and my son), were curious to explore. The package had 3 large tubes of Colgate paste. Each carton of the paste had enjoyable illustrations on their reverse sides.




As we cut open all the cartons, there are some characters and interesting facts written about them.

Apparently, as we started our first job of cutting and pasting the characters, we spoke about space and satellites which made me realise that Dheer was apprised with some facts about the same. Some facts that he knew about space:

  • Space is very far from earth.
  • You go to space in rocket.
  • You cannot go to space in jeans, there is a special dress and helmet made for people who want to go to space. 
  • When you go to space, you do not have to go to school. 
  • Ananya, his friend also told him that in order to become an astronaut, he should learn how to operate a remote car so that it is easy for him to operate a space ship. 

After listening to the facts known to him, I tried explaining about gravitational force, for which he countered me with a question: “So, when you want me to read a book, I will not be sitting or playing around, I will be flying around. How will you get hold of me? “

I  replied, I will fly along with him and we can read a book flying around which sounded pretty exciting to him.

As we proceeded with the cut and paste activity, we prepared all the characters given. There were two astronauts, one alien, space ship, rover, couple of planets like Mars, Saturn, Juipter, sun and some additional characters.


Dheer’s version of the story:

There are two astronauts Dheer and Tworoos. ( This name is inspired from Mickey Mouse O..tworooos!!!) . 

They take the rocket and go to the space. In the space, they find that the sun is troubling all the planets with his brightness. 

One day when Dheer and Tworoos were playing in the space 😮 , they find an alien. They realise that Aliens are dangerous. 

Dheer and Tworoos wear the helmets, go to the sun and request him to threaten the alien with his brightness. Sun accepts their request and goes near the alien. 

The alien runs away due to the sun’s brightness. Now, the Sun realises that he has been troubling all the planets and wants to change himself. 

He goes to Dheer and  borrows his helmet and wears it so that his brightness does not trouble other planets.

Tworoos and Dheer give their helmets to sun and come back to earth. After coming back to earth, they go to their school next day. 

As the sun’s brightness is reduced, it becomes night on earth and that’s how nights started on earth. ( I am sure he adopted this concept from various other stories we read as how leopards got their dots or how crow became dark or soo…). 

And finally he finishes his story saying every one is happy in the space!!! 

After few minutes, he realized that he did not tell me the moral of the story and says

Moral of the story is ” Do not go near bright objects. If you go, you will have to give your helmet to them 😮 “

I am now confused if helmet was the hero of the story or the astronauts :p , but regardless of all these, his extempore was beyond my expectation and it made me realize if given an opportunity, kids can go to a great extent imagining.

Well, we had a great time assembling the characters, building the story and also have stocked up Colgate toothpaste for next few months 🙂

P.S: “I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

Why did I grow?

Me:  “Son!! There is a good book and bad book!! When you do good deeds, God gives you a good point and vice-versa”

One evening, as he tries to finish his dinner, Dheer says “Mom!! I am feeling sleepy, I don’t want to eat any more.”

Me: “Dheer!! You know what happens, God is going to give a bad point if you waste food. Think about it”

Dheer: “But Mom, God is the one who is making me sleepy, how can he give bad point at the same time? “

Innocence?? or Intelligence ?? Either-ways, mommy is happy listening to Dheer.


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Today’s prompt: Tiny Shoes

What you don’t know?

What you don’t know?
My son, is that behind…
Every cuddle, there is an irrevocable experience
Every smile, there is a  jubilant energy
Every scream, there is a conscious mom
Every timeout, there is guilt
Every hug, there is a prayer for your well being
Every bye, there is a positive prayer
Every meal, there is a healthy vibe
Every good wish, there is strong hope

Every good night, there is a gratitude to nature

My son, as I see you grow, my gratitude prayers to the nature are more persistent. God bless you with good health, immense opportunity and a good nature to be a nice human being, rest of the things will fall in place!!!



I am participating in Bar-A-Thon challenge. This is Day 2 of the #BarAThon Challenge
Today’s prompt: What you don’t know?

And he is married!!!

So, I have been on a blogging break for my little brother’s wedding (Yeah, he is still little for me) and what better way to get back than to write a letter for the loving life he is going to unfold.

As you read this dear brother, I know you are in the midst of scuba diving or a romantic candle light dinner out there enjoying your honeymoon!!

As my younger brother, you have always been a headache for me right from the days when you confidently dumped all your project works at school on to me till the day I packed your bags for your wedding ensuring I don’t miss on your under garments !!!

You know we have seen many jubilant and rough phases in our lives and I think standing together in the tough times made our relationship special and unconventionally remarkable. It’s hard to describe it in few words and I am sure you won’t hesitate to agree more.

The day you announced your love to me was the most thrilling day for me as I have waited to hear from you about your choice ( every time, I assume it would be ‘she’ and it never happened ) and finally you made the right choice. Yes, she is absolutely the perfect choice you could ever make, I am so proud you took the right decision at the right time.

So, now time has come up for you to take up more responsibilities in life. This phase of life comes with unconditional love, unimaginable responsibilities, irrelevant emotions, unexpected expectations. Handle all through and make it a happy song. Some things I would like to share which life taught me 

  • Have unconditional love
  • It is absolutely okay to give up in an argument
  • Come what may, play ego down
  • Lesser the expectation, happier the life
  • Sharing responsibilities is always fun
  • It’s always “We” and never “Me” henceforth
  • Reinvent love everyday

and many more…..( I am sure if I write two more points, you won’t have the patience to read this letter till the end, so I better stop it here )

Wish you both a very happy married life and loads of love. May God bless you both to be forever as loving as you are today.

Sharing an info graphic I really liked here ae9973370be4b7088fec6367d7725e90
Image courtesy : Google

We miss you dear…

A crumb of bread is all what you need

to make you happy dear!!!

A walk to the park

pat on the back, a rub on your ear

Is what you wait for us to hear!!!

You chase the squirrel, sniff the tree

Cats are scared, rats are no where!!

Your selfless wait, the innocent eyes

those fluffy ears, the sticky nose

You are more human than all of us for sure!!

With a heavy heart, eyes filled with tears

We immensely miss you

May your soul rest in peace dear


P.S : Our pet dog Tripsy passed away yesterday leaving all of us in tears. Miss you dear!!

We will help you..

Last week when I was about to give bath to Dheer, I noticed that a pigeon was sitting in the duct hole of our restroom. Seeing it suddenly, I switched on the exhaust fan assuming it would move away due to the sound. Nothing seem to have made an impact, and it was comfortably seated. It waited for another pigeon to join it once in a while.

I slowly realized that it was a lovely family. The pigeon which did not seem to bother for the sound that the exhaust fan made, the pouring rains, or perhaps anything on earth, was the mother pigeon. It laid eggs and was waiting for them to hatch.

It was a cute little family and we determined not to disturb them. Though the restroom was a mess, as the sticks that are used to make the pigeon’s nest kept falling inside, we did not mind. We did not use the exhaust fan so that the pigeons were safe and eagerly waited for the eggs to hatch.

Every day, Dheer and I to noticed the pigeons, the way it protected its eggs, the way the love spread in the family. Yesterday, to our surprise, we did not see the pigeon  and only then did I realize that this place was used as a temporary shelter for the eggs to hatch. We missed the pigeon but I had a lesson to teach my son.

I drafted it as a kids story, which can be read here. Please do read the blog and spread the love.

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I love you when…

I love you when                                                                                                                                                                                you gently caress my fore head
touch my cheeks and                                                                                                                                                             finally land on my lips 

I love you when                                                                                                                                                                                you are the first thing in the morning
and the last feeling in the night and                                                                                                                                      you glimpse all through the day

I love you when                                                                                                                                                                                you tease me with hide and seek
you delay me to my work and                                                                                                                                                 call me home early

I love you when                                                                                                                                                                                     I dress up specially for you
I make hot dinners because of you and                                                                                                                          the day ends quick and night starts fast

Oh my dear rain!!                                                                                                                                                                                I Love You
You are a real source of joy                                                                                                                                                      but not always coy!!

Yesterday, there were the first showers of this year’s monsoon and I loved getting drenched.

I love the rains!! Do you?


I have been looking at #100sareepact self challenge doing the rounds in social media for quite some time and completely inspired to bang on it!!

What is 100sareepact?

This is a self challenge started by Anju and Ally. This is an initiative to bring back the custom of saree as a daily wear. Women who are a part of this pact to wear saree 100 times before this year end, take a picture of themselves in the saree, narrate the memories involved with the saree and tag #100sareepact.

Why do I want to do this?

I have always loved to wear sarees but never pushed myself to wear it on regular basis as it involves lot of time, patience and planning my mornings, which otherwise are usually busy with cooking schedules. But, I am in total love of this challenge and cannot wait further to plunge.

Yesterday, we had a family lunch and what better day than this to start my pact? With me starting in June, I am left with 7 months to reach the target i.e approximately 14 sarees a month and that virtually translates to a saree every alternate day. This does not seem to be practical for me, but then I love to push myself.

Now that I started this, let me see where do I reach? BTW, the only soul who is really alarmed about this pact is my dear husband, who is scared I might end up buying 99 more sarees to reach the target :p



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