The joy of reunion!!

When my son was throwing his usual tantrums one evening, I called our watchman Roshan to take him for a walk on the road side. In a gush, he said, “ Mera bacha bhi aisa kartha hoga” ( My son must also be doing the same)

I was awed and questioned him if he was married. He replied “ Haan maa” and then asked me,“Shall I show you the picture of my wife?”

When I agreed, he went running to his not so greatly made room, that our apartment has allotted  in the terrace and brought a photograph. He kept that photograph with so much of care and love. While he was trying to explain me about her, I was also curious to see his son’s picture. To my surprise, he told me that he had not seen his son so far. He was not with him when he was born.

Roshan belongs to Nepal and he has left his family about an year ago to earn a livelihood. He is here today in Chennai, 1315 miles away from his family. ( I had to google to get this number right). His wife Amba and his son Ganesh joined him today. He is all excited about it and so are all of us to see him reunite with her. Life treats every one in a different way and I am sure this distance did not reduce a pinch of love between them. Sincerely, wishing them a happy life together