Father’s Day Thoughts

What if you and your dad wake up one fine morning to find out that your souls have been exchanged?

As Father’s day was nearing, I was on a lookout  for a good gift for my dad!! On my tour of browsing the internet as if I was haunted by a holy spirit, suddenly I found this lucrative offer. “Exchange your soul with your father for a day at 35% discount with a 10% cash back”.  How can I wait when I consider discount and cash back as two divine words in this universe.

Before the offer was active, I started imagining what my dad would go through next day.

“If you are happy and you know, clap your hands!!! If you are happy and you know clap your hands” starts singing my phone at 5:30 A.M

5:30 A.M: Dad : “Errrr!!!! 5:30 A.M!!!!” and the phone gives an alarm “ No!!! I am going to sleep for some more time”

7:00 A.M: “Amma!!! Amma!!!” and now you are forced to get up for his cry. You  quickly get up to attend Dheer (For first time readers, Dheer is my little son’s name)

7:15 A.M: Confused where and what to do first , here, there, where????

As you slowly try to collect your breath  (as if you finished a marathon run), Dheer is already up and crying “ Milk!! Milk!! I want it now”

7:30 A.M : Some how manage to feed him a glass of milk and you are all geared up for the routine of the day.

8:00 A.M : Time to take him to loo to wash the poo ( oh yes!! it rhymes . This should definitely make you feel the marathon race winner )

9:30 A.M :  Off to work

1:00 P.M : Gets a call from husband “Thanks for your salty dishes honey. It was as salty as it was cooked in the middle of Bay of Bengal” ( Grrrrr!!!! Phew!!!!)

4:00 P.M : Decide to leave office early. On the way home, find the board “Sale!! Sale!! Sale!!” How can’t you stop even after the magical word “Sale” for 3 times???

Get in and forget the rest!!! In and out, In and out of the trial room at least for 20 times and finally when the shopkeeper questions on the one to be billed, give a grin worth a toothpaste advertisement, that the one you liked was not in the color you wanted ( Oh yeah dad!!! that’s what we, the species women are about )

6:00 P.M : Come home hoping to catch a power nap for 5 minutes. Dheer is already fully ready and readily waiting for you !!

6:30 P.M : After getting the successful nod from Dheer for an omelette for dinner, which is equal to the feeling of getting a US visa stamped for 10 years, you start making it

7:00 P.M : Ready with the omlette

Dheer: “ Amma, I asked noodles, why did you make the omelette?”

You: Surprised, when did noodles start sounding similar to omelette???? ( grrrrr!!! )

7:30 P.M : Restart the process of cooking as you gulp the omelette in one bite

With hush and bush, ends the day after a dinner with husband, majorly discussing nothing but FIFA.

Only with all the patience that my super dad has, you would perform extremely well. Happy Father’s day Dad!!

P.S :My dad passed away 5 years ago and with this post, I feel he is making me write this for him, Miss you dad

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I love my dad!!!!

This blog is just to write my thoughts. It is about anything on my mind. This is dedicated to my lovely father and so here goes my first article about him

“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are” – Jim Henson.

Says a famous quote and my life is a veritable experience of the same.

I come from a lovely family of four. My parents, younger brother and self.  I had a gifted childhood.  My brother and I grew up in the silhouette of our father.  He was invariably dressed up in neatly ironed full sleeved shirts, conventionally polished shoes, perfectly  undamaged hair. He was an unpretentious, solicitous person. Though he is not with us today, we respect each and every value  he taught us and exercise it in our daily chores

Dad, you were a self-luminous super star for all of us. You were a person who had a great demeanor. We have learnt scores of values by just observing  your dispositions about life.

We have learnt “Discipline” when you meticulously got dressed up for your office and never defaulted on the timings to reach the work place

We have learnt “Patience” when you tirelessly stood in long queues for booking  night show ticket as we insisted to watch the movie on the first day.

We have learnt “Innocence”  in the way you dozed off to sleep in middle of the movie leaving us with your snoring sounds

We have learnt “Perseverance” when you enthusiastically took us around to shop for our toys  to make our favourite choice

We have learnt “Maturity” from the ways you handled month end financial crisis with your customary bright smile on your face.

Above all, we learnt what is “Love” from you

Luv u Dad!!!! Thanks for making us virtuous human beings. We feel blessed to be your kids!!!