Why did I grow?

Me:  “Son!! There is a good book and bad book!! When you do good deeds, God gives you a good point and vice-versa”

One evening, as he tries to finish his dinner, Dheer says “Mom!! I am feeling sleepy, I don’t want to eat any more.”

Me: “Dheer!! You know what happens, God is going to give a bad point if you waste food. Think about it”

Dheer: “But Mom, God is the one who is making me sleepy, how can he give bad point at the same time? “

Innocence?? or Intelligence ?? Either-ways, mommy is happy listening to Dheer.


I am participating in BarAthon. Today is Day 5

Today’s prompt: Tiny Shoes


Quick, Quikr, Quickest!!

Hey, did you notice the title? Yes, I spelt the word quicker as quikr, as that is how the shopping experience in quikr has been, so quicker!!

The tune “quikr, quikr” (Singing) has always been fresh on my mind. Though I saw their colorful flex posters, all throughout the city, I did not bother much to shop at their website until last week, when blogadda announced a contest for a sponsored shopping on quikr. Who would not want to shop when it is divinely sponsored ? I was right up there :-). More about the contest here

Blogadda has shortlisted 100 bloggers out of the all the applicants and I was one among them. Thank you blogadda for considering me worth it and so here goes my post about my experience of shopping with quikr.

Logging into quikr (www.quikr.com) and creating an account was as easy as buying a candy at a local store. The first login prompted to select my city.


Most of the cities were marked in the list, and I chose Chennai to start the shopping extravaganza.


Once I selected my city, look what I found just at the top, “download the app”, what better way to flaunt my new iphone in this post 🙂 , I immediately downloaded my IOS app of quikr from the appstore. Just in few seconds, the app was downloaded and I was ready to make quikr my shopping partner for next quik moments!! (Yes, quick is spelt as quik)

On my phone


While I was doing this, I also made a to-shop list:

  1. Dresses
  2. Tupper ware
  3. Household items
  4. Books
  5. Mobile
  6. Tablet

This list will go on if I don’t force myself to stop doing it.

Registering in quikr was just about 5 seconds, thanks for not prompting irking instructions like “password should have a combination of words, letters etc etc”. I got a confirmation email right in my inbox within next 5 seconds, with clear instructions written.

pic4At this juncture, I was not aware that the process of shopping in quikr does not even require you to register, it is simpler than that. I will explain in the post further about this.

I started looking for options. The categories were divided into 12,  It made life look so simpler now.


Vow!! Quikr is surely one stop shop for all the services. One can virtually, study ( Education and learning), get a job (Jobs), fall in love (Community & events), get married (Matrimony),plan a honeymoon (Travel agent services), give birth (Doctor services) buy a house(Real estate), have a pet (Pets & pet care), buy a vehicle (Cars & bikes), the entire life cycle of a human being is virtually mentioned here.

Out of curiosity, I tried surfing in all the categories to take a look at the span of services offered by quikr. You will not believe it till you see it below:

Slide1 (2) Slide1 (3) Slide1

Look at the amazing services they offer!!! Inspite of all these, if you do not find what you want, look what quikr has to offer, it gave me a customized free alert

pic6I spent some considerable time in  quiking around ( yes, like googling around, this is quiking, as quikr is also like an ocean) and saw all the options available. In the process, I also found some funny ads..


See the ad, murthy richards, may be brand competing with murphy richards 🙂


Camera mad in Japan or made in Japan 🙂 and it is a madical stores and not medical stores ( These ads are shared just for a laugh, not to belittle anyone in specific, Read more, you will know what I meant).

Yes, yes I am coming back to my shopping experience, I thought it was not a bad idea to take you around for a tour.

After having quiked ( Past tense of newly invented word quiking) all the criteria, I have shortlisted Home and Lifestyle. This category was neatly divided into various sub-categories.



As an obvious choice, I chose clothing and Garments. You can check their clothing and Garments Section of Chennai here

Quikr has given me whooping 7614 results for the clothing garments section.


Out of these abundant options available, I had to shortlist  goods worth Rs.5000. This process was made easier with various options available to refine the results on the left hand side of the page.Slide1 (4)

Since my budget was fixed at 5000/- (though I would love to shop more), I refined my results with the criteria upto Rs.5000

The results were now  reduced and I got 3722 to choose from. ( Yes, I still have 3722 to choose from). Quikr also gave options of having the latest ads first ( you see the Date in the highlighted area of the photo), price of the product ( can be ascending, descending)


In the options to refine results, I find refining with sub-categories really impressive. So, I further shortlisted the results by selecting, casual and ethnic wear. Now, I am left with 2938 results


I started shortlisting the ads, there was another good feature I have to mention. Once we open the ad and we like the product, there is an option to Save the Ad, and a separate list of all the ads are saved. Good for confused shoppers like me, who want to see more and more and more before shortlisting.


I was surprised when I realized that I do not need to register on quikr for making a purchase.  (This is what I meant earlier when I mentioned about email registration), Interesting, isn’t it? Want to see how?

Once you arrive at your results, there is a reply button on the right hand side, which allows you to directly contact the seller without any need for registration. It also prompts if you would like to be the mailer list for the Email/ SMS alerts for the similar search.



I cant stop writing about good features, navigation to the next ad or back to the results was user friendly, the navigation to the next photos in the album was also just at the click of the mouse.


Now that I shortlisted couple of vendors, I started interacting with them. Most of them had detailed description of the product, with mobile numbers, email ids, personal websites.

While I was quiking on my phone ( yes, I used the word quiking again), there is a nice feature of calling the seller directly from the app. I have highlighted in the photograph below:


After quiking through several pages, talking to couple of vendors, I finalized two sellers and we had great conversations on whatsapp. One of them was sweet enough to bear with me when I asked for more varieties. She sent me about close to 80 choices to choose from and finally I have shortlisted two of them.

Sharing some of the snippets of the discussions we had

IMG_1026 IMG_1029

After long discussions and elaborate choices, I selected a saree from one of the sellers and two anarkalis from another vendor. (yippe!!! I defined it as an extended shopping for Diwali so that my husband dear do not deny buying new ones for upcoming New Year and Pongal)

Adding to my pleasant experience, next morning, the courier was delivered to my home and the saree was in my hands. I had always shied away from shopping online for dresses, but now I am very confident that I found a good online shopping partner for the same. My son was more excited than me, blame the genes  🙂




Overall, it was a great experience shopping with quikr. It had the options of calling a seller, meeting, emailing, whatsapping, as per our convenience to make a purchase sitting comfortably in  my couch at my home. In fact, some of the sellers offered to come home with their stocks so that I can make a choice.

Pros of shopping with Quikr:

Quikr is a great platform for all the individuals who cannot afford for a retail outlet. Some of  the sellers could not have the basic spellings in place (This was what I meant with those mispelt ads) , but are using this platform to expose themselves to a wider audience, which is a great encouraging experience for budding entrepreneurs.

Gone are those days, when we did not have a clue of what to be done with unused goods at home, today we have a modern day genie called quikr. Instead of moving an used article to the lofts, move it to quikr and sell it quicker. Lazy husbands be aware, ladies of your house  might  even click your picture and sell it on quikr :p

Budgeting shopping. Not at all times, we would be willing to splash thousands of rupees to own a commodity. Sometimes, when it is for a temporary purpose, we might look at used goods for the clouds to pass by. Quikr is one such avenue, where we can choose the goods we want, at the price we want, in the condition we want.

And finally, our difficulties to find a parking lot, billing ques are answered. Shopping is just a click away now!!


Too much of anything is too bad, Yes, I had so many choices to choose, which left me confused and had to take an opinion poll with my friends and family.

Some of the ads posted are not genuine. Quikr can do an initial verification before the ads are placed to check the authenticity.

Some sellers still keep their ads active, though the product was sold out. Keeping a check of this would save time for the buyers.

Thanks blogadda for giving me this opportunity to shop with quikr.

Little information about Quikr: Quikr is one of the India’s largest online and mobile classifieds portals based in Mumbai, India. Quikr was launched on 12 July 2008 and is currently present in 900 cities across India. Quikr provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address needs across many categories. These categories numbering over 12 and sub-categories over 140 range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc.(Source: wikipedia)

Now that my gifts arrived, my little son is questioning me when he would get his gifts from quikr? @Blogadda, any new contests??

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