Yes!!! Strange but true

Before I conclude that I have been mentally bankrupt and insanely immersed in juggling between work and home, handling random chores which cease only before we call it the end of the day, I had this interesting experience last evening and fortunately today I find time to blog it.

At my gym yesterday, I met a doctor who has just finished her MBBS and struggling to establish her career. She is married to an MBBS MD who is specialized in cardiology. While having a casual discussion about health, checkups, doctor careers, she ventilated her frustration.  She said off late they don’t get much cardiac arrests, and even when one gets to check up a patient, the junior doctors are not allowed to participate in the surgeries. She was irked that it is taking a long time to establish as good doctors and the competition is pretty high.

She also said, in other states, the doctors had a chance to perform good number of angiograms and angioplasties when compared to Chennai and that their competitors are easily equipping themselves with all the “technical-know-how” of all latest equipments and diseases.

She seemingly looked helpless to establish her career and said their daily prayers include a request that the number of patients who can afford good treatments increase.

I could not stomach this fact for some time. How can one pray for the diseases to increase? But, slowly I realized that she is doing her part. Nothing absurd about it. Establishing her career is her dream and she is just doing her prayers as like most of us who do it for our dreams.

This brings me to a fact that life has so many unknown edges. What is sorrow for some is a prayer for others. An ambulance driver can also pray for having more incidents of carrying patients to earn his living.

Life is defined in different ways to each of us. Let us try to make the best out of the one we have. Life can be defined as a very simple equation when  equated to love. Love your life!! Live your life !! Be busy loving your life that all other feelings like hatred, regret, anger, jealousy do not have time to fit into our life. It is love and only love that sweetens our life.


P.S : I have absolutely nothing against doctors and do not intend to belittle anyone in specific.