Caught Red-handed

They planned it tonight,

Reached home much earlier than regular,

Ensuring no one noticed, he switched off the lights…

He came closer and admired her beauty

He wanted to grab her right immediately

When mommy opened the door and caught him red-handed

Stealing her chocolate!!!

I am participating in Barathon Challenge. Today is Day 4

Today’s prompt: Caught red-handed



Fragile lives

He:  “He is no more!!!”

She : “What? Are you sure? You must have been mistaken!!”

He: “ No dear, calm yourself down!! He is no more!!”

She: “ No, you are lying, this is not true” urges her shrieky voice as the surreal truth strikes her soul.

This happened on 26th April 2009, 09:30 A.M in my life. I lost the most precious person in my life, my father.

As I try hard to stop the falling tears off my eyes, I fondly recollect the incredible memories with him. My father was a great human being. He always spread a jubilant aura around him with his great sense of humor. He was forever positive towards every single thing in our lives. Never did he belittle someone, he knew only to see the good, be it a rickshaw puller or his classmate politician.

How can I not write about those days we watched movies together on the first day, those days he ironed my dresses, those days he pressed my legs, those days he dropped me at the bus stops, railways stations. I fondly recollect one instance when I had a problem with my bike, all I had to do was to call him and intimate him the place where I parked my vehicle and get back home in an auto and forget the rest. The next day morning, I would find my bike shining bright right at the same place where it usually was!!

He was an obedient husband,awesome father, great father-in-law, a humorous brother, humble son and a very entertaining friend. I am sure many of them who interacted with him would not agree any lesser.

While we were two siblings, me and my younger brother, I was the prince for him. The day we lost him was the day many things changed for us as a family. All of a sudden, unexpected responsibilities were expected to be shouldered. I had to juxtapose myself to be the pillar of strength to my bereaved mother, my teenage brother. Life took a crazy backpedal and it did seem horrifying.

The transition period from a lovely daughter to a responsible elder in the family changed me as a person and the lessons were learnt the hard way. My perspective towards life, towards hope, towards faith took a major retraction. If I had to take away one point as a learning, I would say I learnt to live in today. Fragile lives!!! Alas!! Only time enfolds it all….

Unexpected tragedies!!! Irreversible pains!!! Impended responsibilities!!

barathonI am participating in Bar-a-thon. Today is Day 3 of the Bar-a-thon challenge

Today’s prompt: Fragile lives


What you don’t know?

What you don’t know?
My son, is that behind…
Every cuddle, there is an irrevocable experience
Every smile, there is a  jubilant energy
Every scream, there is a conscious mom
Every timeout, there is guilt
Every hug, there is a prayer for your well being
Every bye, there is a positive prayer
Every meal, there is a healthy vibe
Every good wish, there is strong hope

Every good night, there is a gratitude to nature

My son, as I see you grow, my gratitude prayers to the nature are more persistent. God bless you with good health, immense opportunity and a good nature to be a nice human being, rest of the things will fall in place!!!



I am participating in Bar-A-Thon challenge. This is Day 2 of the #BarAThon Challenge
Today’s prompt: What you don’t know?

Stranger than fiction

Living by the sea
looking at the stars
calming by the winds
hunting in the woods
Chirping birds, naughty squirrels,
windy nights, horny hugs
full moon tides

new moon kisses

Is there a world merrier than this?

I, for one, like many other teenage girls hated to visualize the future.I had a dream island where the order of the day was to live, love and live. ( God knows why I never dreamt of how will I earn the livelihood, well, dream is a dream right?)

Of course, this is fiction and I am sure most of you agree reality is Stranger than fiction!!! and yes it is. In reality, the mornings are driven by hectic schedules, running on the invisible shoes, coping up with the pace of life, competing with ourselves, balancing the work, home and zillion other things go on.

Perhaps, sometimes, it is good to take a break, pause the speed and share some sweet memories and make the moments merrier!!!


Last week, we had been on a family vacation to Pondicherry where we created some beautiful memories!!! This picture is captured there 🙂
I am participating in Bar-A-Thon challenge. This is Day 1 of the #BarAThon Challenge
Today’s prompt: Stranger than fiction

No more !!

“Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am no more!!!

You missed the days

You left loose the time

Bygones are in fact bygones

And they don’t come back”

“Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am no more!!!

You did not care

It was not in wear and tear

Cozy kisses, warm hugs were never there

It was only shrieks and thumps everywhere”

“Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am no more!!

You never owned me

Nor did you value me

Life is not just time we live

It is about the memories we make”

This was written long back inspired from couple of my other blogger friends who took up a poetry challenge but never did I get a chance to post it.!!

Yesterday on our way home, there was a self help audio played on the radio and I love listening to such. There was an interesting take away from the show which I am compelled to share  and here I go!!

The speaker in the show says no matter what you are going through in life, develop a “…” attitude.

Let me explain it.

“” colloquially means “That’s ok!!”. We humans are not easy going. We whine on things that are supposed to be ditched in the past or about the things that might happen in future and on which we have the least control of.

How true!!!. So, he says develop an attitude where you take things easily, ignore the mistakes and move on. No one is perfect in this world and we can still live happily.

If the blanket is not folded the right way, if the tooth paste is not pressed at the right place, if the plate is not kept at the wash area, if the toys are not packed up, if the dress is not washed, just say “…” ignore and still live happily with all the imperfections.

Vow!! It made complete sense to me.

The moment of epiphany struck!! I realized most often I tend to argue only because I expect perfection. I expect certain things to be done a certain way. After this, I have decided to try “” approach and make ignorance as my companion. After all, ignorance is a bliss!!

Try saying “” ( You need to say it loud to feel it guys!!) and you will realize what a fabulous lesson of life this is. Would you??

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Vow Summers

So, as my life had been terribly busy with myriad things happening, this space got a sluggard treatment.  Realizing this and being better late than never, I decided to take up a trigger to push myself to write on a regular basis if not daily. After all, nothing except cuddling my little son gives me as much love as this space.

So, today’s prompt on Daily prompt is “Summer”. And I read it as “Summer Vacation” and not as “Summer season”.

Summer vacation revives those sweet memories of my childhood days.

  • That was the time, when we cousins visited each others houses to play, eat, cry and do nasty things together.
  • We always gossiped about the ghosts, stars, played devil games, enjoyed hide and seek in the dark rooms, made Maggie noodles in the midnight and had loads of fun.
  • It was the time when we all friends in the neighborhood had no worries about home works, class assignments. We packed our lock, stock and barrel to the playground nearby and competed in cricket, shuttle, running in the hot sun.
  • Summer afternoons were supposed to be spent at home to avoid the scorching heat and it invariably turned to be ours. We had a gang of friends who were those naughty chipmunks and who loved to experiment making lemonades only in the neighbor’s houses.
  • This was the season of the year when the power cuts were a part of our day and we enjoyed those times by singing songs, dancing to the latest numbers.
  • Those were the days when we did not own a bicycle and we used to rent it out. An hour of the bicycle costed Rs.5/- and my parents were generous enough to approve it all throughout the summer vacation.

As I write all these,it makes me feel that childhood days are wonderful memories in one’s life and cherished forever. Today, as a mother I am trying my best attempt to make it memorable for my son too.

This summer, we visited Coorg for a 2-day trip. We enjoyed an elephant ride, a toy train ride. We visited Hyderabad for a couple of days and had fun eating mangoes, ice creams, making new friends. And we visited the Golden temple at Vellore and were astonished by the massive construction and spent some leisure time on the couches at home and lazied around.

Hope you had a blast too!!

So, what did you do this summer?

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The tender wings

“Radha was an intelligent girl who was consistently good at her scores in the school. Since childhood, she had high aspirations to pursue her Phd in space technology and earn a name as a scientist.  She finished her schooling and got admission in a meritorious college for her graduation and topped the ranks. It was the time for her to study her dream degree.

As she started her preparations in identifying a good college, she was bombarded with exorbitant tuition fees. It was not too late before she realized that they belonged to a middle class family and her parents could not have a substantial saving for her to pursue her dreams. Her dream castle bundled down and she had to settle for a mediocre job.”

As I read this story in a novel, many thoughts triggered in my mind. When I was a kid, I was questioned “What do you want to become when you grow up?? An Engineer? Or a Doctor??” Back then, there were not too many options one could choose.

In today’s framework , the situation essentially is unconventional. The kids of this generation have umpteen options to choose from. My thoughts took a projectile motion and made me realize that by the time my son finishes his schooling and ready to set his wings in the dream field he wants, we must be equipped enough to provide him with the required support. We must be financially, emotionally ready to let him allow to chase his dream career be it being a service man or  a scientist or a radio jockey. We need to be open to accept his choice and support him financially and emotionally.

It so happened that once when I introduced my son to a DIY kit with nuts and bolts to fix a machine up, I inferred that the toy will help him to grow up to become a scientist who invents new machines but not a mechanic who fixes the things up. Yes, we insist this at every step and teach them to think big, develop passions, have goals and run after them.Don’t we? Now, this makes me think how prepared am I to face the D-day.

As in the story narrated in the beginning, many of the today’s middle class families end up in compromising the children’s aspirations  due to lack of proper financial planning.Apparently, I also find out from a google search that in a recent more than 3/4th parents are of the view that education costs are going to rise significantly over the next few years and not surprisingly, most of them do not have an exact view of how much it would cost It was also observed that many parents are not fully prepared to handle the high fees. And in case of foreign education, it becomes all the more difficult since one has to take into account living expenses in addition to tuition fees.

I also happen to incidentally land at  the home work site and  ‘The Homework app’ .Through the Homework app, parents can find out the costs of education across a multitude of courses in various countries at their finger tips. The app not only gives info on the future value of the course which their children want to pursue , but also the estimated amount to invest to reach that goal.

For all of us parents, google is the master guru and the  scores of information available not only for us to analyze but also for us to perplex with the options available. I preferred to read through a reliable source of information which states that recently, an earlier investor education campaign was conducted to educate people of right method of saving for us to understand the right way of investments.

Iterating the fact that small drops make an ocean, our small little savings today build for the child’s future. Today’s small investment in the right way takes us to the right goal at the right time. Imagine the proud moment when your child comes home fulfilling his dream education with an elite career. I am sure that is moment we all are waiting to see, aren’t we?

With the skyrocketing inflation and innumerable options and our children’s aspirations, it is right time we pledge to save in a systematic way and support the tender wings growing into stronger ones to see them fly high above reaching their aspirations.