The tender wings

“Radha was an intelligent girl who was consistently good at her scores in the school. Since childhood, she had high aspirations to pursue her Phd in space technology and earn a name as a scientist.  She finished her schooling and got admission in a meritorious college for her graduation and topped the ranks. It was the time for her to study her dream degree.

As she started her preparations in identifying a good college, she was bombarded with exorbitant tuition fees. It was not too late before she realized that they belonged to a middle class family and her parents could not have a substantial saving for her to pursue her dreams. Her dream castle bundled down and she had to settle for a mediocre job.”

As I read this story in a novel, many thoughts triggered in my mind. When I was a kid, I was questioned “What do you want to become when you grow up?? An Engineer? Or a Doctor??” Back then, there were not too many options one could choose.

In today’s framework , the situation essentially is unconventional. The kids of this generation have umpteen options to choose from. My thoughts took a projectile motion and made me realize that by the time my son finishes his schooling and ready to set his wings in the dream field he wants, we must be equipped enough to provide him with the required support. We must be financially, emotionally ready to let him allow to chase his dream career be it being a service man or  a scientist or a radio jockey. We need to be open to accept his choice and support him financially and emotionally.

It so happened that once when I introduced my son to a DIY kit with nuts and bolts to fix a machine up, I inferred that the toy will help him to grow up to become a scientist who invents new machines but not a mechanic who fixes the things up. Yes, we insist this at every step and teach them to think big, develop passions, have goals and run after them.Don’t we? Now, this makes me think how prepared am I to face the D-day.

As in the story narrated in the beginning, many of the today’s middle class families end up in compromising the children’s aspirations  due to lack of proper financial planning.Apparently, I also find out from a google search that in a recent more than 3/4th parents are of the view that education costs are going to rise significantly over the next few years and not surprisingly, most of them do not have an exact view of how much it would cost It was also observed that many parents are not fully prepared to handle the high fees. And in case of foreign education, it becomes all the more difficult since one has to take into account living expenses in addition to tuition fees.

I also happen to incidentally land at  the home work site and  ‘The Homework app’ .Through the Homework app, parents can find out the costs of education across a multitude of courses in various countries at their finger tips. The app not only gives info on the future value of the course which their children want to pursue , but also the estimated amount to invest to reach that goal.

For all of us parents, google is the master guru and the  scores of information available not only for us to analyze but also for us to perplex with the options available. I preferred to read through a reliable source of information which states that recently, an earlier investor education campaign was conducted to educate people of right method of saving for us to understand the right way of investments.

Iterating the fact that small drops make an ocean, our small little savings today build for the child’s future. Today’s small investment in the right way takes us to the right goal at the right time. Imagine the proud moment when your child comes home fulfilling his dream education with an elite career. I am sure that is moment we all are waiting to see, aren’t we?

With the skyrocketing inflation and innumerable options and our children’s aspirations, it is right time we pledge to save in a systematic way and support the tender wings growing into stronger ones to see them fly high above reaching their aspirations.

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