Out-V-Go!! Theevu Thidal

As a parent of a 5 year old, I am always on a look out for interesting outings for my kid during the weekends, apart from the usual malls and movies. Yes, we do go to malls as well but we don’t enjoy it as much as we enjoy an offbeat story telling or a magic show.

So, here I am starting this section “Out-V-Go” where I will be blogging about different events /places in the city for  kids. Predominantly, I will be concentrating on kids-go-out venues but would also include some interesting events in the city if I happened to attend the same.

My first post will feature “Theevu Thidal”

An exhibition is conducted at Theevu Thidal  by Tamil Nadu tourism department. This year is the 42nd year of the same. Usually, this exhibition starts in the month of January and goes on for 70 days ( and may also extend). We can have an eye on the local news papers and the hoardings all across the city to know the start date of the same.

Some important info:

Venue: Island Grounds, Mount Road, Park Town

Timings: 3:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M

Days: All 7 days

Car Parking: Ample space for car parking is available. They charge Rs.70/- for the same

Tickets: Adults – Rs.20/-, Kids ( Above 3 years )- Rs. 10/-, Below 3 years – Free

So, the main description of the exhibition goes like this:

Theevu Thidal called as “island grounds” in English  ( It took some time for me to register this name, keeping in view my non-tamil background) is where an industrial exhibition is conducted by Tamil Nadu Tourism Department.

This exhibition consists of fun rides, eateries and stalls from different parts of the state (mostly) and other states (very less) to exhibit their domestic products. The main attraction of the exhibition is the Jumbo Circus.

The stalls: There are many stalls which exhibited house hold items, electronics, food items, photographs etc. Most of them did not have anything unique and were just the ordinary items that are usually available in the local stores. My clever husband made us walk exactly on the opposite side of the stalls so that I don’t get to see them in detail and he is saved of the expense. (All husbands reading this, you get it??)

Attraction for kids: From the entrance of the venue, you find many interesting options. Some of what we enjoyed were 3D film, bird show,  snow world,  kids play pen. Each one  had a separate ticket costing Rs.10/- to Rs.50/-. Many of the options were on the lines of scary house which we do not enjoy and so did not check on it.

Rides: The best part of the exhibition were the rides which ranged from a small leap frog that my son enjoyed to the giant wheel, the tora-tora, the Columbus. All the tickets were priced from Rs.40/- to Rs. 70/-.

Jumbo Circus: The timings for the circus show were 1 P.M, 4 P.M , 7 P.M and the tickets were priced at Rs.80/-,Rs.160/- or Rs.250/- depending on how far away you are seated  from the performers. It was a incredible show by trained professionals and my son enjoyed it a lot.

Govt stalls: There are the state Govt stalls depicting their work like the minerals department, the HRCE department, the IT department. They were quite informative. Don’t miss to see them.

Special attraction: There is a lucky draw at the entrance where the first prize winner gets a suitcase, do not forget to mention your name and number and drop it in a box arranged at the entrance. We borrowed a pen and did it!! ( Who wants to miss free stuff yaaa??)


  • The entire place is sand, so plan to wear proper foot wear that makes your walk easy on the sand.
  • If you are prone to cold and coughs due to the cold breeze, please carry appropriate head gear. ( This place is pretty close to the beach and the breeze is heavy).
  • There are no food stalls that offer healthy options like fruits or sundal. All you get is fried bajjis, papads, pop-corns, if you are not too fond of it, plan your eateries accordingly.
  • No ATMs available within the venue. Most of the shops, do not offer the card-swiping. Carry enough cash for your shopping.
  • Toilets are not too clean and you cannot expect anything more in a public place.
  • This will take a good 4 to 5 hours for you see all the stalls, enjoy the rides. I suggest if you could be at the venue by 4 P.M, you can enjoy the 2 hour circus, go around for 2 hours, have your dinner and  get back home. You may even avoid all the kid-shows at the entrance ( they don’t offer much variety) and directly proceed to the rides, which I am sure the kids will enjoy.

Some of the photographs I captured:

Bird Show:


Shopping Stalls:


Replica of Parthasarathy Temple:


Famous Cotton Candy / Masala Appalam:


Hope this post is informative. If you are looking for any specific info, please do comment.

9 thoughts on “Out-V-Go!! Theevu Thidal

  1. Deepu says:

    That’s great to see your post and get a better idea about island ground, it’s very helpful. Thank you for the information

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