My Superhero

Ever since I saw this Telugu movie Nannaku prematho, the title song has been haunting me. It is a very lovable song with and in-depth meaning of love or perhaps an emotion between a father and a son.

As I heard this song innumerable number of times, it reminded me of the marvelous relationship I shared with my dad. My father was, is and will be my superhero. He is no more with us physically but I continue to feel his aura all around me.

Today, this song fondly made me recollect those sweet memories of :

  1. My first drive on the bus, when he patiently taught me to take a ticket, guided me the bus stop and showed me the way to reach home.
  2. My first experience of the two wheeler, when he sat behind me, holding my hands  and boosting my confidence to drive on a  heavy traffic road.
  3. His appreciations to the first dish I made, though it must have been the most awful one he ever had.
  4. His encouragement when I sobbed myself to sleep after scoring good but expected to have scored more.
  5. His confidence in me when I was late from work, when I handled tasks independently, when I was moved to a different city for work.
  6. His “never say no” attitude to accompany me to all the movies which I watched and he preferred to sleep (read snore) in the theater after a tiring day at work.
  7. The secret mission between us to grab some extra pocket money without my mother’s consent to buy a new nail polish that month.
  8. The cheat morning walks, when we relaxed under a tree half way through and boasted to the family that we did a sprint session.
  9. The way I never checked the petrol in my vehicle or cash in my purse because he always ensured that I was equipped and if not, he was my 24/7 helpline number.
  10. Above all, the way I was treated like the princess of the family, with the “your wish is my command” environment at home.

And if I continue writing, I would keep writing forever !!! I owe all the traits I carry today to the way he raised me. He was a person with an infectious smile on his face and unconditional love in his demeanor. His simplicity, humility, sense of humor are some dispositions that deserve a mention.

Just if you are curious about the song I referred to ,  you can check the English translation of the lyrics here

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