Done and Dusted

I had been off the radar for more than the time expected. I knew I would be busy with my personal commitments during the time close to the year end  but that was done and dusted long back and I am still trying to figure out what keeps me so busy??

Grrrr!!!! I tried to introspect and came up with many silly reasons like cooking, cleaning, work, offline assignments, naughty son and a zillion more ( should I even call it introspection? may be not !!).

Something suddenly changed my mindset. Let me share it here:

Last evening, when I was browsing through, I happened to see this beautiful video:

This video triggered a thought? I felt it was a no-nonsense video that showed the happiness of a woman who was “herself” for a moment. She forgot the world and danced to glory in the little time she had for herself.

This is a very simple video but it left a deep impact on me. Doesn’t it feel good to be “yourself” at least for a moment in  a day?

Life is  a race we run to compete with ourselves.  We all wear different hats in a day with many enjoyable and  some not so enjoyable roles. In this course, are we compromising on the “me time” that we completely deserve?

And I realized I did exactly that in the last few months, by procrastinating many things I enjoyed and one among it was blogging. So, as they say better late than never, so it’s me now, burgeoning back to the form and will promise myself to be regular at my space “my blog”.

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4 thoughts on “Done and Dusted

  1. It happens. That me time is the key. Every day I wake up half an hour before my husband and kid just so can sip my tea in silence enjoying my me time. Again during the day I go for a stroll, or do yoga or read a book or write, all of which is purely me time for me. In case I don’t do that I break down. 🙂 Glad to see you back here.

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