Story of freedom

Today I am going to narrate a story of freedom, the sequences and the consequences. I am not going to write about the war of independence or the freedom struggle. This is about freedom for babies.

Babies are at their happiest best when they are let free. They are more playful, more interested and the giggles are worth the mess after.

This post is a part of #Softestforbabyskin activity of blogadda and pampers. As a part of this activity, selected bloggers are to write a blog post about a story of happy freedom from the times we had to let our baby be without clothes.

Generally, babies love to be left free. They do not want to be monitored, stopped or disciplined and my son was no exception. He was invariably at his best when left unnoticed. Generally, we let him free on pampers diapers,the best suiting diapers for a baby’s soft skin during his playtime.

Let me start with this picture:

Blog pics

After seeing this pictures, can you imagine what must have happened to the poor laptop?

Yeah, it was sent to the trash. Don’t let your thoughts run faster than a thunder, we are not too generous to offer an operational laptop for my son’s playtime, this laptop was a non-working old laptop.

Let me brief what happened on that day:

The old non working laptop has become an important part of Dheer’s toys and he enjoyed mimicking his dad by hitting the laptop keys. One fine evening, as Dheer was playing, he started toppling keys one after the other from a small gap that he found. It was an over sight by me till I noticed that he was munching something and relishing the taste.

The minute I saw this, my heart was in my mouth and could not wait for a moment more to rush to the hospital assuming he has swallowed a key. The next one hour was a panic involving x-ray, ultrasound. Since the baby was stable and there seemed to be  no sign of discomfort, the doctors confirmed that the baby had not gulped the key but asked us to do the dirty duty of checking the potty for a week.  In fact, after coming back home, I checked and all keys were intact, it was only my adrenaline rush that was the reason for the chaos.

Some lessons I learnt from this:

  1. Give only age relevant toys to kids
  2. Never ever oversee their play even if it is for few minutes
  3. Don’t panic the minute you see something wrong

Goodness gracious, may God Bless the little babies and their innocence. 

This post is a part of #SoftestForBabySkin activity at BlogAdda.


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