5 Things you should do in your first job


Campus placements, off-campus, fresher exams, references, walk-ins, by some means you land up in a job. (Mind you, I did not say dream job!!!) and now what??

Analytics say a size-able chunk of college pass-outs do not have a definition for a dream job and end up pursuing the job that comes their way. (Absolutely nothing demeaning about it though)

But, firsts are always the bests. You learn a lot and it is always an enduring memory that lasts for a life time.

In this post, I am highlighting 5 things that one should do in their first job:

1. Reasonable and Responsible: Be responsible and reasonable and that does not mean you bow, bend and never get up. Do not allow others to over shadow you, you are your own marketing manager when it comes to your career. Have the onus of the tasks assigned to you even if it demands a little stretching beyond the regular work timings. 

2.Quick Growth: I am sure many of you (read us) join our first work place with a burning desire to prove ourselves, to have a superlative projectile career. Don’t be too greedy. Growth follows you when you are dedicated, committed to your work goals. Don’t quit jobs in short duration anticipating sky rocketing careers. After all, you are your own competitor, both the win and the loss only matters to you. 

3.Meeting Mornings: Most often, it is observed that many do not tend to open up in meetings. You may have a whirlwind of thoughts to express but are reserved to express in meetings. All said and done about meetings, it is certainly a good place to exhibit your talent.

4.Use the opportunity: Most of you might not have figured out what you want to do in your life, when you take up your first job. Use your first job as an avenue to identify the tasks which are “enjoyable” and “not-so- enjoyable-but -doable” tasks. This will help you to build a niche and ascertain the areas which you would like to progress in your career.

5.Continuous Learning: Your first job is a place which offers you a continuous learning. You are exempted from the mistakes because you are a college fresher. Learn from every single day. The way to dress, the way to talk, way to write emails, way to address in meetings, these are all certain aspects beyond the work KRAs that are already assigned to you.

I started this post with an intention to guide people who are in their first job, but as I finish this, I feel some of these pointers certainly apply to people who are experienced as well. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “5 Things you should do in your first job

  1. Agree with that. The first job is an opportunity to learn, be as professional as possible and never refusing to learn and do one’s job. It help define an individual. Haha! I just submitted my resignation and will do a completely different task from now on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Madhavi … You proved to be a good HR specialist through your article 5 things you should do.
    Very valuable to the freshers who join their first jobs.Can not help appreciating the content of your blog. keep it up and wish you a brilliant success.

  3. Vijay kumar says:

    Nice blog ..:-) on this topic, I have seen many shying away from start using a diary to log daily tasks etc. That habit if started early, can help one to sharpen his/her performance.

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