Shaheed Bhagat Singh

As my whatsapp beeped today morning, I saw this image of the person below popping up


Any guesses who this is??? This is the great legend Bhagat singh. A friend of mine forwarded this picture to me and quizzed me if I ever knew who it was. Thanks to my movie nerves, I had earlier seen the movies made on this great man Bhagat Singh and so I could instantly connect to it.

I remember I saw this movie about Bhagat Singh in my college days and trust me it was a great influence back then. After the movie, it interested many of us to know about such freedom fighters and I remember making a small document during our college times about some great freedom fighters.

Bhagat Singh was a brave son of Mother India, an influential revolutionary during the pre-independence days. Born to a Punjabi Sikh family, he preached anarchist and Marxist ideologies. Can you imagine the guts he had to being convicted of a murder and hanged at the age of 23????

Yes, at 23 today, we are not clear anything more than a watsapp or a facebook. Look at the love he had for his motherland and the conviction to bring the freedom. Incomparable, to say the least!!!

Now, why this post suddenly?? After Mr. Modi’s speech yesterday, I learnt that today is his birthday. I expected, somewhere in the news, social media this would certainly flash and I must say, I feel ashamed not to see anything relevant to this. Such a disgrace!!! My heart pained for a moment!!

The media which churns news out of Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy or Shahrukh Khan’s surrogacy did not deem it necessary to render the basic prayers for his soul. Let the change begin, forget about the media. If you are with me, please keep him in your prayers for 2 minutes and let this information not die with us. Let us make an effort to pass this on to our next generation.

Information about him on wiki:

Image and information source: Google

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