Write your right resume

Often I get questioned by many of my non-HR friends as to how a profile is screened.

I  have been in this recruitment industry for quite some time and have been a part of the emerging trends. Recruitment strategies changed from the traditional paper ads to walk-ins to web ads to social media.

We in the recruitment industry are always pushed for targets (Qualitative most times and quantitative at times) and so the time a recruiter spends on each resume is considerably diminishing. This pronounces the importance to have a resume that speaks in a crisp way.

In this post, I am highlighting the usual parameters a recruiter looks at while screening a profile:

  • Look and feel: The first and foremost parameter any recruiter will look forward is for a neat and properly formatted resume. The CVs with different colors, fonts ,alignments are definitely not a candy to the eye. I personally don’t bother to look at the other details if a candidate cannot make his resume presentable.
  • Education details: It would be good to mention the highest education qualification with the year of passing for the recruiter to have an understanding of your overall experience that can be expected.
  • Employment in chronological order: The employment details are to be presented in chronological order starting from the latest. If there is a gap in between the employments, it could be highlighted as why the gap with reasons, may be like pursuing higher education, setting up own business etc
  • Responsibilities: This is the most important part of the resume. A comprehensive detail of your current job, roles and responsibilities with an enhancement to the achievements would help us decide on the right candidate for the right job. The more specific details, the better. Like, for instance, instead of saying experience in automation testing, you rather present it as experience in scripting in selenium tool for running automated scripts.
  • Authentic details:Try giving authentic details in the resume like the project names, client details (in case of IT), the markets handled ( in case of sales ), company specific tools which will help us to identify the authenticity of the resume

Overall, avoid giving irrelevant details and present the resume in a neat and crisp way. If this demands you to ignore your employment details in the beginning of your career which may be irrelevant, you may do that.

Personally, when I screen a resume, I look at the resume in the order of educational qualification, employment details, roles and responsibilities, specific achievements at current role, reasons for looking for a change and then the reasons for gap in employment ( if any) and the candidate’s aspirations. This will help me understand how he/she would fit the current role in our organization.

Hope this helps newbie recruiters to screen profiles and others to write their resumes.

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