We miss you dear…

A crumb of bread is all what you need

to make you happy dear!!!

A walk to the park

pat on the back, a rub on your ear

Is what you wait for us to hear!!!

You chase the squirrel, sniff the tree

Cats are scared, rats are no where!!

Your selfless wait, the innocent eyes

those fluffy ears, the sticky nose

You are more human than all of us for sure!!

With a heavy heart, eyes filled with tears

We immensely miss you

May your soul rest in peace dear


P.S : Our pet dog Tripsy passed away yesterday leaving all of us in tears. Miss you dear!!


14 thoughts on “We miss you dear…

  1. Manoj says:

    Shocked to learn this news. I am very sorry for the loss to your family. Tripsy was part of our night outs studying, partying, and hangouts. I just cannot digest this. She is a very good pet. May her soul rest in peace. 😥

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