We will help you..

Last week when I was about to give bath to Dheer, I noticed that a pigeon was sitting in the duct hole of our restroom. Seeing it suddenly, I switched on the exhaust fan assuming it would move away due to the sound. Nothing seem to have made an impact, and it was comfortably seated. It waited for another pigeon to join it once in a while.

I slowly realized that it was a lovely family. The pigeon which did not seem to bother for the sound that the exhaust fan made, the pouring rains, or perhaps anything on earth, was the mother pigeon. It laid eggs and was waiting for them to hatch.

It was a cute little family and we determined not to disturb them. Though the restroom was a mess, as the sticks that are used to make the pigeon’s nest kept falling inside, we did not mind. We did not use the exhaust fan so that the pigeons were safe and eagerly waited for the eggs to hatch.

Every day, Dheer and I to noticed the pigeons, the way it protected its eggs, the way the love spread in the family. Yesterday, to our surprise, we did not see the pigeon  and only then did I realize that this place was used as a temporary shelter for the eggs to hatch. We missed the pigeon but I had a lesson to teach my son.

I drafted it as a kids story, which can be read here. Please do read the blog and spread the love.

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