That Stone is waiting to be turned

Last Friday, when I was at work, a lady  walked-in to the office and wanted to see me.

I checked my calendar and did not notice any prior appointments. Wondering who it could be,I went to the reception to meet her. She was an elderly lady, neatly dressed in a starched cotton saree carrying a big bag and a file and was eager to explain me the purpose of our meeting.

We sat down for a casual chat and she introduced herself as a student in LIC doing some kind of project work for which needs her to visit couple of offices and collect feedback from various people. The word “student” amazed me!! Yes, it did and visit to offices in this scorching heat, made it more interesting for me to know the details.

She was in her mid 40s and proud to call herself a student. Her energy levels were mesmerizing. She spoke to me about her career, her love towards her job, managing kids  ( 3 daughters and 1 son – elder daughter married) and adding to it, the family also own a textile business in which she plays an important role.

I was astonished as she continued talking about her joint family tales to how to make fluffy rotis to correct eating habits to balancing work life. We spent about 15-20 minutes talking but she left a powerful impact on me. I felt completely energized after the talk and felt there is so much myself still unexplored, unseen. In the brief conversation we had, she taught me a profound lesson that “We should not leave the feeling of complacency shadow us and always believe there is still a stone unturned”.

the-energy-of-the-mind-is-the-essence-of-life-quote-1Liking it to #Mondaymusings at writetribe


9 thoughts on “That Stone is waiting to be turned

  1. Harini says:

    The lesson you learnt from her is very true. This lady seems amazing. I have an uncle who keeps doing many certificate courses and joins many different classes. He is happily retired with great kids and good money. Its his thirst for knowledge and to do something and not waste time always inspires me.

  2. What a lovely encounter you had!
    I believe that I’m just starting to truly learn – I’ll be 50 in a month and a half! I’ve just started three courses and am excited to be doing them. 🙂

  3. This is certainly an enriching post. Thank you for sharing this rare and inspiring surprise date with us. Sometimes the lessons in life come the unexpected way!

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