Being Happy #Mondaymusings

For me, life is a miracle. It is beautiful and filled with blessings. I enjoy every moment being alive. I feel grateful to the nature for blessing me.

I was not born with these thoughts, neither did it come easily to me. I had my own share of dark patches, learned from experiences, practiced happiness. I realized happiness is within us, it is we who decide whether we are  happy or we tend to whine about things which are not in our reach.

Of late, I started enjoying many silly happinesses, to name a few:

  • I feel happy when I get up early in the morning that I am still alive and I am blessed with a lovely day
  • I feel happy when I see the sunshine barging into my kitchen when I start my morning cooking
  • I feel happy when I finish cooking and still have 10 minutes to go through the newspaper
  • I feel happy when I reach office on time and look forward for a loving day
  • I feel happy when my son calls to update me about his day at school
  • I feel happy to see my son playing with the kids around and having a jolly time
  • I feel happy when my mother-in-law makes the dinner ready for me when I am back from a tiring day at work
  • I feel happy to see my husband back home after a long drive from work
  • I feel happy if I am able to finish all my chores and hit the bed little early

I am sure, when you read this list, it sounds pretty naive, perhaps these are certain things that happen in a typical day in all our lives, isn’t it? Yes, they are. I am only trying to look for the silver lining and convert them into blessings (Read happiness)

Life is only once, and it is too short to be unhappy. Be happy, look out for small happinesses around you and I am sure life will turn into a  bliss.

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8 thoughts on “Being Happy #Mondaymusings

  1. That’s such an honest post! Those little things in life are joys of life and most often than not, we don’t recognize them. Thank you for participating in Monday Musings..

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