Me & Creativity ???

This post is linked with Day 7 Write Tribe Festival of Words #4

“Am I creative??” – I posed this question to friends and family members and see what they have to say:

Husband: “Of course you are dear!!! You make so many creative faces when we fight…I love them all!!”

Son: “What is creativity amma? I don’t understand!!” and when I try explaining him “Yeah, you are….All the boring stories you tell me while feeding me”

Mom: “Yes dear, you are creative. You find so many creative reasons for unnecessary shopping and wasting money”

Brother: “U and creativity?? Some how blogging came through otherwise you are so boring!!” and when I give a stern look, his answer immediately changes to “ You are the best creative sister I have ever seen!!”

Boss: “Yes Madhavi. You are very creative in coming up with a new reason every time for the mistakes in the reports. I appreciate your creativity.”

So, finally I understand the extent of my creativity and amicably start my self introspection. How creative have I been ?

  • I have been very creative in making tasty as well as healthy dishes for my son
  • I have been creative in all school projects I did for myself as well as for my lazy brother
  • I have been creative in handling tough situations both at work and at home
  • I have been creative in using spare time for blogging, baking, gardening
  • I have been creative in practicing up-cycling

Creativity lies within us. Many a time, we do not ( at least I did not) persuade it with the fear of losing continuity, lack of losing interest, undefined priorities.

Let us look at some inspiring quotes:

“Clean out a corner in your mind and creativity with instantly fill in” – Dee hock

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Einstein

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing,taking risks, breaking rules,making mistakes and having fun” – Mary Lou Cook

These are some of the thoughts that can directly be applied to our day to day life. Creativity, I am sure will make us more happier as we enjoy the fruits of accomplishment.  Let us get creative, create passions and persuade!! Do you agree?Creativity-is-what-helps-me__quotes-by-Demi-Lovato.-88

I would love to hear from you!!!

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