I have been looking at #100sareepact self challenge doing the rounds in social media for quite some time and completely inspired to bang on it!!

What is 100sareepact?

This is a self challenge started by Anju and Ally. This is an initiative to bring back the custom of saree as a daily wear. Women who are a part of this pact to wear saree 100 times before this year end, take a picture of themselves in the saree, narrate the memories involved with the saree and tag #100sareepact.

Why do I want to do this?

I have always loved to wear sarees but never pushed myself to wear it on regular basis as it involves lot of time, patience and planning my mornings, which otherwise are usually busy with cooking schedules. But, I am in total love of this challenge and cannot wait further to plunge.

Yesterday, we had a family lunch and what better day than this to start my pact? With me starting in June, I am left with 7 months to reach the target i.e approximately 14 sarees a month and that virtually translates to a saree every alternate day. This does not seem to be practical for me, but then I love to push myself.

Now that I started this, let me see where do I reach? BTW, the only soul who is really alarmed about this pact is my dear husband, who is scared I might end up buying 99 more sarees to reach the target :p



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5 thoughts on “#100sareepact

  1. You on a saree spree. How cool is that! yesterday was watching a programme on Banaras weavers who are losing out due to cheap Chinese competition. It’s so sad, despite saree being India’s own creation and hope people don’t lose their craft and richness.

  2. Harini says:

    I do wear saree’s occasionally but could never wear them regularly. I just dont feel comfortable in them.

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