Apple of our eyes

When they say time passes in a wink, I did  not believe till I experienced you grow from an infant to a toddler to Mommy’s big boy this year.

Buddy, I thank you for completing our family.Let me try to verbalize the journey with you in the form of A to Z

Nothing looks to be more charming to me than your Affectionate way of saying “ I love you Amma” .

My fatigue feels vanished the moment I start listening to your Banters after tiring day at work.

I am amazed at your never ending Curiosity to know why the crow could not  drink the water with a straw and had to search for pebbles to push up the water from the pot.

I learnt a lot in the way you care a Damn and the spirit in which you gather yourself after a hard fall in the play ground.

I love the way you Eagerly open the door for me waiting to question why I could not be home an hour early to play with you in the ground.

You Fascinated all of us by memorizing the capitals of 40 countries in less than 3 years ( Youtube link here)

You encourage the cook in me with your Grumpy looks for a healthy dish I make and your Happy look for the fries you force me to make.

The way you Indisputably adjust to Mommy’s failure to spend enough time with you.

Those incredible Jovial moments we share have been the best memories in my life so far. I can’t write about one or two, every moment is a  memory.

Your Knavish tricks in escaping the Time-out in just at the same moment the timer starts

Your Love, need I say more?

Your Metaphoric speeches to explain a silly fight among your friends and how you have to win it every time.

Your Noble thoughts to help me with my weight loss program by gloriously scattering all the toys for me to pack them up.

I love you for me being your Obvious choice for all your daily chores so that your dad can take complete rest. (Brushing, bathing, potty, feeding huh!! the list goes on)

Your attitude of being Picky in what you to choose to wear to ensure that Mommy forgets about her shopping and looks for more for you.

Your Quizzical expressions, ooo…I  love them all!!

The way you win your share of peanut butter, jellies with your incredible  Reasoning ability.    (Peanut butter is good for health, jellies make me full etc etc)

Your Satisfaction even to the petty gifts I buy (crayons, pencils, goggles)

Your Terrific style ( Where did u pick it up buddy?)

I love the way you Unconditionally say “ Amma, I love you!! Have a great day” with a nice peck when I leave to office. ( I know I am repeating, trust me, I can’t get enough of it )

Your Vivacious smiles which always keeps up the positive energy in our house

Your Wee brain that thinks so much, your Wee heart that loves so much, your Wee words that means so much.

Really confused to know how to write with X ??? Do I say, the golden moments when we made Xmas Tree together

You – Yes, its you!!

Your extremely Zealous approach when it comes to exploring ( Read exploiting ) new toys, new books by making me read again and again and again and yet again.

By the time you would read this, you would be a big grown up boy laughing at your obsessive mommy. But, I  would still like to feed you morsels and pamper the way I do today as I will still be your mom and Mommy rocks.

Wishing you loads of luck and happiness in your life.

Love you kanna,

Amma & Appa


P.S: My son, Dheer celebrated his 4th birthday recently and this was supposed to be posted long back.

12 thoughts on “Apple of our eyes

  1. DIVYA manoj says:

    Your article touched my heart Madhavi.. This will be a special article for all the moms I hope.. Nice dedication Madhavi..

  2. dharanya says:

    Sooooo gud, the word u used to express all ur feeling was perfect. All the best for ur next blog . Ll comment for ur upcoming blog sooooon

  3. Rukmani Renganathan says:

    Amazing article with the words been aptly put up with such emotions which mom’s go through.her unconditional love which no one can compensate and the bond with your own child.Dheer is really lucky to have mom like you becos you manage and adjust to just becos he is an apple of your eye.god bless you both !

  4. Your post celebrates both mother and a son. I wish all of us could be that articulative in their expression for their loved ones..and more than that, I wish all of us could be better recipient of the numerous expressions of love and affection from those who really matter to us

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