No, this is not my 100th Post

No, this is not my 100th post but I certainly feel the need to write this post.

It has been an year that I started following my passion and penning my thoughts in this blog and I must admit that it was a great journey with many sweet lessons learned.

I did not have prior experience of writing, I never had the habit of writing secret poems, verses and saving it for future reference. I did not know what blogs were and how they had readers. I was technically not equipped to build a blog.

Though I decided on my title “My thoughts they are – Sharing a few” in less than 10 minutes, I was not aware of how to build a blog. Goggled it, learned it and struggled to make it happen. After consulting some of my friends with a technical know-how, I understood WordPress was friendlier than its other counterparts. It did not take me anything less than a week to understand what menus, gadgets,theme,banners were. I went through many options, selected, deselected themes, fonts, banners and  finally made it happen.

I don’t think I can easily forget my first post either. Before writing the post, I took print outs of the same,shared it with many of colleagues and wanted everyone to say “Vow!! It is nice”. I published my first post and waited for readers. I expected many readers, this was even before I shared my blog address in my networking domain. ( Lol!!! Was I expecting a miracle to happen? ). Though I did not get much readers, I continued writing expecting readers and was wondering how to make someone read my post??? By this time, I shared my blog only with few close friends and family of mine.

On a fine day, when I was reading one of the blogs, I accidentally saw this logo called “” and without any second thoughts, I registered myself. Here started my actual blogging journey. I started getting readers,comments.Shashank, Anita, Vishal were some of the very first bloggers who took time to read my posts and found them interesting. I still remember the feeling when I saw the first comment on my blog. I felt so deserved, so loving, so talented!! huh!!!

Slowly, I started writing consistently and I can clearly reminisce all my feelings when I won  my first vow post, first tangy Tuesday pick, Spicy Saturday pick, skyscanner contest. Continuously, I had readers and loved the comments and enjoyed the compliments.

Why do I write?

I write because I love to. Every incident I see triggers a thought to write a post. I know this is a secret confession from most of the bloggers. Blogging had been a great journey. It introduced me to my real self. It brought in discipline, perseverance, patience in me. I am thankful to myself that I made an attempt at this and thoroughly enjoying it now.

I am happy that I am able to cater some quality time for myself though what I want to do much more than this.

Well, now why did I write this post?

Very recently, I have been approached for an interview by Smart Indian Women,first Indian website dedicated only for Indian Women who write about women bloggers, achievers and entrepreneurs of India.  You can check more about them here.

The very feeling of “To be interviewed” is something that surely cannot be written in few words here. I suddenly felt like a “Pro” . Happy to share my interview here. Hope you all enjoy reading it.

I think it would be incorrect on my part if I do not thank each one of you who are making my blogging journey a pleasure.

Thank you all.

4 thoughts on “No, this is not my 100th Post

  1. shanx says:

    Congrats for so many things Madhavi 🙂 Love how you jot your thoughts and I can relate to this post, every word (except the prizes 😛 ). I still jump with excitement with each like/comment 😀
    Glad to have met you 🙂 Have a great year ahead!

  2. I too expected many hits and comments immediately after I published my first post. But alas, there were none until many posts later! I remember it took me six months to learn how to link to some page from the post. But those initial days were written in anticipation and were fun. Ignorance is always bliss!!

    Destination Infinity

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