Joy of Defeat

As my son is growing into a naughty boy from an innocent toddler, I am in the phase of enjoying my defeats in tussles with him. Every day in our arguments, either he wins or I lose. Last evening, we had to do a practice session for “Show and Tell” activity that was to be conducted in his school.

The topic was “My favorite toy” and he determined  to talk about a car and very definitely only about a new one. He was very sure only a new car can make him deliver his speech and so he insisted on buying a new one. As an obsessed mother, I could not say no to it and finally we ended buying a new yellow car.

I was very excited to teach him simple speech about a car. Speech as fancied by me was:

“Good morning Friends. My favorite toy is a car. This car is yellow in color and it has four wheels. I love driving my car. Thank you. Have a nice day!!”

I believe in memory retention, and was completely sure he would memorize and deliver a good speech at school. Snippets of conversation we had:

Me: “Dheer, you have Show and Tell tomorrow at school, what are you going to talk about?”

Dheer: “I am going to talk about my new yellow car”

Me: “Hmm…why don’t you talk about the old car?” ( Thinking I asked him a tough question !!)

Dheer: “ For Show and Tell, we should talk only about new car, not the old” ( Stressing it enough for me to understand)

Me: “Ok fine, let us start practicing speech about car. You have to say Good morning friends ……driving my car”

Dheer: “Yes Amma, but I will not tell here. I will tell only in school”

Me: “Okay Dheer, but we need to practice it here”

Dheer: “Ma’am told me all kids will speak only once. So, I will speak once in school amma, not at home”

Naughtiness strikes!! I decided to counter attack  this time.

Me: “ You know what, I have show n Tell at my office tomorrow, let us practice the speech together”

Dheer: “ Is it? You also have, I too have it in school. Okay, you tell, I will listen”

With a hope that he will repeat after listening, I started saying the speech aloud.

Me: “ Good morning friends ……….I love driving my car”

Dheer: “ Amma, you don’t know how to drive a car, how can you say that” ( Least bothered about repeating the speech leave alone memorizing )

I gracefully agreed my defeat and appa joins to rescue me.

Appa : “Dheer, I will say the speech for Show and Tell, you correct  me if I am wrong”

Dheer: “ Do you also have show and tell in office?” (with curious eyes!!)

Appa: “ Yes dear. Good morning friends. My favorite toy is a bus” ( deliberately making mistakes for him to correct it)

Dheer: “Hahaha!!! Appa does not know how to talk about car” ( By this time, he was very sure that he does not want to repeat the speech at home)

Appa continuing to make mistakes with a hope that he would correct “I love dancing in the bus”

Dheer: “Hahaha!!! You should also say Thank you friends. Have a great day. Good night every one” and gracefully dozes off to sleep.


Sometimes it is good to leave the kids all by themselves. They need not be restricted, they have clear thoughts in their minds and are very sure of what they want to do. One such incident is this.

As parents, we tend to get excessively possessive about our kids. I have seen many parents who do “over board” parenting. Personally, I feel If kids make mistakes while coloring a picture, if one of the projects turns out to be messier, it is perfectly acceptable. Allow them to make mistakes, grow by themselves and let us enjoy the joy of defeat. I am sure we all believe in the age old saying “Experience is the best teacher”. Let them learn from their experiences.

Happy children’s day to all the kids. Enjoy being kids.

Also linking this to “Shankhnaad for happy children” . Read my other articles about children here.

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8 thoughts on “Joy of Defeat

  1. Shobha says:

    Hey !! Very cute and lovely conversation – simple true and really amazed with dheer s smartness . Once decided they will not turn back .. Inhv tried all these many times with Arnav too … Parents shud learn from kids ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    just got to read this ….. Good one Madhavi and it is very true that we should allow them to learn by themselves…. much impressed with Dheer’s smartness – Anuradha (Varnika’s Mom)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its interesting and what Madhavi has mentioned, I observed from My Son. We should not force them to do, Dheer smartness and Madhavi approach is good — Srinivas

  4. Totally agree with you, Madhavi.
    Such a cute post with sweet pics of your son!
    He seems very smart! Best wishes to him!

    P.S- Even my daughter never wanted to rehearse at home!
    But, practice makes perfect 🙂

    Do share this post with BlogAdda – TangyTuesday or SpicySaturday

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