Child is the father of the man

When in my high school, I was one of the privileged school girls who got a chance to sing the prayer song in the microphone from the Principal’s cabin. Every day was a proud moment to enter the hall which had many small proverbs, medals and paintings. Among all these, was hidden a saying “ Child is the father of the man”. When I read that, there was no day I was convinced about it, sometimes, I even felt it was a foolish adage, how can a child be the father? hmmm…I laughed to myself.

Today, as a mother, my perspective towards the age old saying is completely transformed. The saying makes so much meaning, this transformation taught me myriad lessons of life. Motherhood is divine, this made me strongly believe the fact that this is the way nature is teaching us to be better human beings, learned selves. Sharing some of the lessons I learnt from my son in this processing of growing up together.

True emotions: The way he laughs his head off with shaking tummy is just so incredible. The emotions are so true and expressive. Often I observe that kids don’t mind crying loud in a shopping mall, or laughing loud from the rest room, they are just true.  While we as adults are trying to falsify our emotions and be good to ourselves and to the rest of the world, kids are happy being themselves and being true.

Innocence: The innocent way in which my son trusts that we can get chocolates only when we say “aam-boom-bush” is just too divine. Kids have the highest order of innocence, not being aware of this unruly world that is awaiting their growth. It is unfortunate that we adults are considered lame if we are innocent and so we make rampant efforts to mask ourselves from this big bad world.

Confidence: So many times I felt my heart in my mouth when my son does a somersault on the sofa. I could virtually hear the heartbeat as loud as a drum beat. But, he is confident. He knows how to jump and where to take control. Even he fails, he quickly gathers himself and gives the next attempt. That is the definition of confidence, I learnt from him.

Adaptation: I joined back my work when my son was as young as 5 months and since then, he is unperturbed by the fact that Mommy spends only an hour or two with him in a day .While I am still struggling to stomach this fact, he relishes the time spent and adapts to the situation effortlessly.

Happiness: My son has taught me that happiness can be found in small gestures. Small things like coloring a picture properly, eating french fries gives him immense happiness.. As adults we are failing to find happiness even in little good gestures of life. We are greedy to earn more, live more and are busy thinking about tomorrow that we are forgetting to live today.

This children’s day, let us take an oath to keep the child in us alive. Let us pledge to be true and not be ashamed to be innocent, let us adapt to the situations and find true happiness in little gestures of life. “Happy Children’s day” to all the children who are hidden in the form of adults, and of course to all the lovely children who are teaching adults wonderful lessons of life.

Also linking this to “Shankhnaad for happy children” . Read my other articles about children here.

This is a wonderful initiative by my blogger friend Kiran, more about it here



7 thoughts on “Child is the father of the man

  1. Sarvani Murthy says:

    I just LOVED this! Can’t say anything more. For a person like me who’s always a lover of kids and true emotions, reading this is like a true feast. I can whole-heartedly say that every word of this article is something that I truly believe in and want the world to be a better place following this! 🙂

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