Supply, Demands and Equilibrium???

Economics always puzzled me. It had so many laws to explain, so many theories to state, and so many examples to analyze. I once read the law of Supply, Demand and Equilibrium and today I try to relate it to my life. I am not going to write a self help post, that’s too much of a thought for me!! It’s all about my son’s demands and my supply of patience, tolerance and intelligence ( Yes, some times, I need to be intelligent enough to come up with some freaking thoughts too!! )

My little guy is scandalously demanding and it had been an unending attempt to complement his demands and to attain  the so called equilibrium. Perhaps, I so much wish I had a time machine which will help me spy into the future and glimpse if ever I would reach this state or not??

I must awfully admit that I am working to increase my patience levels, stoop down to his demands, finding alternatives (Only writing about it). Some excerpts he believes:

  1. Strong are the boys who have milk ahead of brushing the teeth. Milk that is offered after brushing teeth may enjoy its stay in the sink.
  2.  Living room is best meant to be transformed to a play gym in the evenings. Once Momma is back from work and relaxed for a minute or so, she can start her evening workout session of cleaning the mess.
  3. The only way to commute in between the rooms is by bicycle which is parked at the center of the living room when not in use. If Mommy questions this, she may take the pleasure of tidying up the toys that are shattered all over.
  4. Food should not have any unsavoury condiments like coriander, cumin.The dinner will be cancelled should I detect any.
  5. Mommy needs to have an adequate supply of liquid hand wash because she truly understands the cleanliness freak in me.
  6. Only monkeys eat bananas without chocolate syrup. Mom is
    happy to add it to bananas anytime she serves.
  7. Bed time stories are to be read till the sun rises or atleast till Mommy falls giddy with absolutely no drop in the emotions and special effects.
  8. Kids always wear pants and daddies wear shorts. If you wish to offer one, you may give it to daddy.
  9. Sleeping is waste of time and so I don’t. Perhaps, the better way to spend time is to play, jump, and mess.
  10. The TV should only play Little Krishna till the channel decides to move it off-air. The ones that have entertainment, music,comedy are too insane to watch.

 How many of these do you relate to?


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