Racing with the Rat

It was midnight and I heard uncannily striking sounds from the hall. I needed an extra dose of courage to check who it was. Swiftly, I gathered the cricket bat ( God knows how I plotted to chase anyone out there with a plastic bat of my 3-year old)  and  barged out of the room. To my surprise, it turned mum!! I found nothing in the hall.

I wondered, if it could be an Alien or a Zombie ( OOO my mind!!! , So much Bollywood influence I say!! ). All throughout the night, I awoke for every creak and rustle, both real and hallucinated expecting some one around.

As it turned to be a day, I was happy to see everything normal and jumped on the hectic  day still wondering if it was a zombie or an alien. I tried flaunting my newly bought audio speakers and to my despair,  the connecting wires were disfigured, and with this, I continued to sulk if it was an Alien who failed to connect speakers to my desktop.

Next night, apparently at the same time, the sounds  repeated and this time from kitchen.  I was jerk awake ,with all my brain functions completely on. This time it scared the shit out of me. Pulling my guts, after praying to all the Gods on the earth, finally I made a move into the kitchen, and realized a tiny creature swiftly  trying to escape. I could see the shadow, and confirmed the Alien is none other than our Jerry Dear “The Rat!!!”


“ Errrrrrrr!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!” I yelled at the top of my voice, to which my husband panicked if I really found an Alien in our house as like in Krish movie,( Yes, we all are Bollywood fans!!), as this rat smartly escaped . In our house, we have a zero tolerance for rats and  so Mission Racing with the Rat was plotted.

Day 1 : With all the vengeance that he spoiled our newly bought Speakers, we were all set for the mission. I came up with the romantic thought of rat trapping him and leaving to the woods to live with his fellow friends.

We purchased a trap and placed it near the speakers with peanut butter inside ( Yes, the 7036919005_6b6f0ec904_zwhole day, Google was my closest friend who helped me with various likes and dislikes of rats). The little fellow  turned out to be smarter than us and he blissfully picked the food out of the trap and managed to escape. Adding to our grudge, on his way back, he had again bitten the replaced speaker wires. Guess he liked our new speakers more than what we do.

rat-intelligentDay 2: “You snatched our peace of mind and so are we going to” was the plan of the day. I must admit this fellow definitely did his ground work  before he ventured into this race. He understood our plot and today he did not  bother to look at the delicious food placed in the trap. Instead, he preferred to bite the cushions, wires, tubes and messed up the house. This feeling of defeat, was greater than the feeling of failure in my first interview and we pulled up our socks. “Tomorrow, I am going to get you man!!”

Day 3: After last two days of menace, we were furious and determined to get rid of him. This time, I believed, the way to heart is through the mouth and so I made delicious cashew nut fry and placed it in the trap. ( Never did I think so much on what to cook even for my husband ).  Hiding behind the pillar in the hall, we eagerly awaited his trap. In his usual style, he smartly picked up the food and as I sighed in disappointment, he got trapped!!!!

Yes!!! He is trapped!!! I hugged my husband and in the feeling of victory he lifted me as Harbhajan lifted Neeta in the infamous IPL gossip. ( What else can I relate to, when cricket runs on our television 24/7)  We felt as if we were next to Neil Armstrong in landing on the moon.

Yuppie!! Mission Racing with the Rat was successful. Finally, we had peaceful sleep after three days of planning, plotting and executing. We fed the rat delicious slices of cheese, though it was our enemy through out the mission and carefully dropped him in a  nearby park  to let him live with the nature.

As I finish writing this post, I am wondering, why my posts have been monkey menace followed by rat’s race, Is there any Alien influencing me ??

P.S: No animal was hurt during this post.


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