Redoing the house in my way!!

You give us the comforts, teach us the values

You reminisce the memories, revoke the fights

You embark values, insist the cultures

You are where our heart is, you are “Our Dear Home”


Yes!! I cannot agree  more to the saying “Home is where my heart is”

It is the place, where I am myself and I love being myself (Why not? When I have a supportive husband, or should I say, when I am successful in insisting him to be supportive? :p )

Home is where I feel secure (In spite of all my tantrums, uhhh!!)

Home is where I am in my comfort zone (who else other than me, can afford for lazy Sundays, late night movies, in spite of having a 3-year old kid at home)

Home is where culture, cuisines, comforts, values, adjustments, arguments are blended under one roof

If ever I get a chance to re-do my home,  I would select:

  1. Earth Welcome Hanging Mural

 welcomeThe first thing that I would purchase is the Welcome Mural. This would express cordial welcome to all the guests to our home and spread the fragrance of positive vibes from the entrance. Its multicolored finish symbolizes the various emotions and the perfect blend of colors reflect how we manage to sail through them.

You can check this product here 

The actual cost of the product is Rs.750, but  is offering a discount of 18% and one could purchase it at a price of Rs. 615.00

  1. Apno Rajasthani Time piece and National Emblem stand

Next thing that I would zero on is Time Piece and National Emblem Stand. It is  a beautiful white wood crafted with the National Emblem of India, the new rupee sign and an elegant watch. I do not see any reasons why I should not select it.


The four lions on the National Emblem represent power, courage, pride and confidence and the emblem iterates the divine saying “Sathyameva Jayathe” (Truth alone Triumphs). A glance at this would remind me of the social responsibilities as a citizen and would encourage me to inculcate the same thoughts in my little son. The watch helps me to keep up the time.

You can check the product here

The original price of the product is Rs. 800 as against the offer price of Rs. 624 by

  1. Apno Rajasthani Hand painted Piggy Bank

The tradition of saving in piggy banks dates back to as old as 18th century. By buying this piggy bank, I will teach my little son the very importance of saving money, though I prefer to use one myself.


The actual price of the product is Rs.900 which is sold at Rs.621. Product can be checked out here

Living in the city of Chennai, which is often driven by the traditions and cultures, I would like to add the ethnic look to our house and encourage the art. I have selected all handmade collection to our house and as a citizen of this culturally driven country, I feel we should not let the art die down deep and do our little to encourage the artists and various art forms.

Live with art it's good for you

Adding to the pleasure of re-doing our house,  was the experience of shopping at with good discounts. I saved money and it was a hassle free shopping leaving me not to bother about the parking lots, long queues.

Why don’t you think of re-doing your house with You can check their link here

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