Shshsh.. Koi hain!!

It was his birthday, she was thrilled

With all the feel, ready was the meal

Before the party began, he called her in


Noises heard, place shattered

Anxiety rocketed, as they scream

“Monkey dear”  enjoyed the cake with the butter cream



P.S: This post is loosely based on a real incident happened at my house last year, when a monkey jumped into our kitchen and shattered the place. Luckily, blending our guts together, husband dear and me managed to chase it out with out much damage!!!!

4 thoughts on “Shshsh.. Koi hain!!

  1. Real-life incident beautifully woven into the poem-story, Madhavi.
    Well done! Do you happen to stay in Delhi. Money-menace esp in Delhi-6…
    But, then, monkeys are there in so many of our cities & play spoilsports….

  2. Hey Madhavi

    Lovely blogs !!!! I was introduced to blogs with one of yours and I am in love with them. Just a favour I do not get a notification when you upload a new blog can you help me with it

    • Hi Snehal,

      Thanks for your kind words. I shall definitely look into it. Alternatively, you may like my facebook page to get the updates in your newsfeed.
      Let me check the email trigger and confirm it.

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