Give your best and forget the rest

Last week, I attended Parent Facilitator meeting in my son’s school. This was the first  meeting in his school. The school generally functions for 3 hours in a day but in order to cater to the upcoming cultural event, it functioned 2 hours for the last month.

All the parents were present on dot at the time mentioned for the meeting. As the teacher started briefing us,the curiosity in parents was exponentially raising. Each of them wanted to know if their child was doing good, having their snacks, drinking water, peeing in the school, reciting rhymes, being friendly with others, drawing properly, understanding english..uff!!! and all these in the 2 hours duration with a 20 minutes snack break !! gasp!!!

At one instance, when the teacher mentioned about a story book series and one of the parents was not aware of it, all the others pounced on her explaining about the series and tried to prove that they were more knowledgeable than others. And when the topic turned  to snacks, they were proud that they sent fruits, boiled vegetables, which the teacher mentioned most of them resisted to eat.


Now, when I sit here and think aloud, I feel why are we in such a great stress? Why do we always want to be perfect? Is this due to the constant stress, anxiety of whether we are the best parents or not? or is there a super-mom pageant held somewhere which I know nothing about?


I am not too sure why we all get into this groove, but I  am sure, many of us  want to be best parents, want to give the best food, want to spend real quality time, want to read more books and the list goes on.

I strongly believe the fact that experience is the best teacher and as my son is growing,I realized that I  am not a supermom and I don’t want to be one either. I want to parent my son in my own way, only enabling him to grow up as a good human being with family ethics.

There were days when I had to fight my guilt for working and leaving him at home for the entire day, not able to spend as much time as other parents do, but now I am no more in the rat race. We often cannot judge how we fared till our children are grown up and independent. So dears, parenting is not a competition, Give your  best and forget the rest.



8 thoughts on “Give your best and forget the rest

  1. Hey so nicely written !! Hats off . Often workin moms feel that they don’t spend time with children – I feel its the quality and not th quantity that matters . Parents r not only stressful but also put too much pressure on kids

  2. shanx says:

    So true. It isn’t a race! Just being yourself for them is enough, isn’t it? I am asking, not suggesting (have no idea but it was good to read about the parent meeting. Wonder if my parents felt the same. I was only worried about what if teachers complain, LOL )
    Good one Madhavi. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Shanx!!
      My son may be too young to be worried about it, this would be the next phase I assume.

      And yes, I totally believe in this concept of not running the rat race and hope not to succumb to the peer pressure any time in future too 🙂

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