What we have is not for many!!!

They embraced, they spoke….

She swayed her hands, he nodded…

She expressed, he deciphered…

They spoke in Silence…

They are intensely paired though nature made them speech-impaired


P.S : This post is inspired after I saw a speech -impaired couple last evening, who could not talk to each other but communicated blissfully with sign language. I was taken aback and I realized how lucky we are. We have been blessed with the gift of speech by this nature and most of the times we are too engrossed in our arguments that we make it louder for the mere pleasure of winning it.

Don’t you agree there are better ways of benefiting with this gift of nature?




6 thoughts on “What we have is not for many!!!

  1. Very touching and we all never realise what we have till we see people who don’t have those. Took me to my college days when all our class mates learnt to communicate with our deaf and dumb friend . Though all lecturers appreciated us for being such a good friend we felt we were gifted by god for a nice friend who taught us the value if life without speaking ..:

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