Memories are always Memorable


Technology gives us many pleasures in life. When I was introduced to email during schooling, I was thrilled to use it and I was one of the firsts who wrote letters to my cousins in the USA while most of my other friends had to wait for days to send and receive a reply. Then came the days of yahoo messengers, hotmail messengers, orkut, facebook, twitter and very recently Whatsapp.

Very recently, we ( me and my husband ) have been  part of a Whatsapp group of his cousins and since then the fun had been non stop.

Now, what has the title got to do with Whatsapp?? Yes, I am coming to the point, This Raksha bandhan was a memorable day and let me share how!!!keep-cool-and-whatsapp-me

Raksha bandhan, the day started with usual Good Mornings and wishes for the day. Suddenly, there was a change in the group icon. A vintage brother-sister photo was changed as the group icon. What next?? This was the trigger and a suggestion popped up that the group icon be changed every one hour and the theme was Raksha Bandan and so apparently brother and sister themed pictures were to be uploaded.


I booked the first slot as I had my picture ready, ( thanks to my previous post here, I had the picture ready) and all the members were so enthusiastic,energetic to follow it up. We looked out for old pictures. We booked slots, we reminded each other, we reminisced the memories, you will be surprised if I tell you pictures as old as 50 years were flowing in.

The Group chat was filled with enthusiasm, ecstasy. The oldies uploaded their childhood pictures, kids made their collages, youngsters shared their rare pictures, the late lateefs wanted better time slots and every body was on their feet. My husband dear was excited and he rummaged the cupboard for  pictures with his sister. A nursing mother in the group, made her husband do the job. Secret captures of loving brother-sister relations, vintage photos, creative collages were ceaselessly shared.

We are a group of 16 members, each with different traits, jobs, preferences, different locations but all of us love to spend some time to be connected and just share a lighter moment in a day.


 What did I learn from the day?

  • It feels great to be connected with the family, though each in different parts of the globe Chennai, Mumbai, USA
  • Given a chance, I would always keep the kid in me alive or perhaps, need I say, make a chance to keep the kid alive.
  • The enthusiasm we carry has an undeviating effect in our daily life. This Rakhi, our house was just filled with laughter and memories
  • It always feels refreshed to recollect old memories.Some of the photos were more than 50 years old
  • Discipline from the way in which the group members waited for their turns to upload the pictures
  • It is not age that matters, it’s energy that matters.The most senior member in the group was 70, need I say more?
  • Expression is a good trait.The group members were generous in appreciating each others collection of photographs.
  • And finally, I also learnt how to make a photo collage.Downloaded the app from Appstore, I have to withstand the competition after all!!


It was a memorable day with learning to practice in day to day life, thanks to all the members who made it joyful.

Image courtesy: Google


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