Time?? Do I have??? Yes, I do!!

Ever since I have been reading this book “Family Wisdom” by Robin Sharma (It might be a late read though), I have been pondering over this thought of self improvement and quality time. I always had a To-do wish which keeps changing its proportions from time to time. My current To-do list tops as below:

  • Spend more quality time with my son               todo
  • Read more books
  • Work out more
  • Grow a nice garden
  • Bake variety of dishes
  • Blog more often than I do
  • Start a nice terrace garden
  • Join classical music classes
  • Join cycling club

As I pen down, I feel the urge of adding more and more to the list. In spite of having my to-do list ready for quite some time now, I see myself doing nothing towards it and the excuse “No time!!!”

Excuses, excuses!!! Now when I think back, it makes me wonder do I really don’t have time? Or is it the lack of will to do? or lack of enthusiasm to stretch that extra minute?

Personally, I know many people who manage their days much better than me. There are many women who have been juggling with work, life and still pursuing their passions, hobbies. They are able to do many things in a day due to their planning, perseverance, enthusiasm.

Just quoting an example, my office assistant works full time in my office in between 9:00 A.M to 7:30 P.M, he works part- time from 10:30 P.M to 2:00 A.M,from 3:00 A.M to 4:30 A.M he distributes the local news papers and in the weekends he participates in the local political events. What drives him? Participation in the political work and distribution of news paper are his interests and he runs the extra mile to do them.

Now, what am I trying to say??

Why do we stop to “push” ourselves a little, why do we feel “lack of time”? I feel we need to start understanding what drives us for being happy, start taking time out for our hobbies, start moving things from “To-do” to “Must-do” and I am sure we will enjoy doing them. Like in my case, blogging and cooking unpredictably comes to me. It could be a really hectic day but I feel penitent when I don’t pen down some thing for the day and I am totally aware that most of my list stated above, can easily be achieved if I stop lazing on the weekend and sacrifice my sleep for an hour in the week days.


We aim to spend time with ourselves in future in the name of postponement, but trust me, it’s good to enjoy life now than in the future. Give the best to yourself, stretch that extra minute, start spending time for yourself and see the difference it makes. Do you agree??


P.S: Don’t ask me if I am able to do it? I am in the process and trying to practice what I preach!!


7 thoughts on “Time?? Do I have??? Yes, I do!!

  1. shanx says:

    Hats off to your office assistant. Incredible. Quite a good to-do list. Waiting for a terrace garden picture to be uploaded sometime then 😉

    Btw! To pen down a to-do list is also in my to-do list 😀

  2. I definitely agree! I think sometimes we avoid those to do lists because we get stuck in a little rut and don’t want to do anything different — but it’s that’s the time when we most need to tackle the list.

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