It’s your birthday Brat!! Or Man??

Bro: “Shut up!!! Mom loves me more”can-stock-photo_csp5780437

Me: “ You shut up, and so does dad”

Those were the days, when we ( me and my demon brother)  fought umpteen number of times in a day. God knows how our parents dealt with us during our childhood days. Today is 27th birthday of my little brother ( Not little anymore though!!) and I am still surprised how it happened.

To my dear darling brother,

Growing up with you had been a pain and sometimes you still are. It had been a roller coaster ride to watch you grow up, painful sometimes, joyful most others.  Your transformation from being the naughty brat in the family to a whole new responsible man is absolutely phenomenal and just too good to trust.

Today I fondly remember:

  • The times when you followed me absolutely everywhere and the way I hated you for that.
  • Our childhood years, our cat fights for issues as silly as sharing an ice-cream.
  • Those days when you were my naughty student when I wanted to play a teacher.
  • The way in which I oppressed you to bribe me with gifts to finish your project works.
  • My jealousy as you had a better bicycle than mine.
  • Those memories how I browbeat you, sending to a hostel if you don’t echo  my directives.( Remember, Korukonda hostel??)
  • Your sincere efforts to conceal the destroyed project work model, otherwise I would tear you into pieces if ever I knew it. ( Remember the digestive system project??)
  • The way you royally flicked money from my never attended wallets.
  • Your hatred for all the teachers who compared you with me, for being a better student at school.
  • The way you bewitch me to buy gifts for you of your choice ( This is still ongoing!!)
  • Perhaps my fondest memory watching you grow was your bicycle rides in the hot sun with a collection of tazos in your pockets waiting for your other playful friends to join. I so sure do wish I had a photograph of it which I could share.

Today, I am  forced to admire



Your transformation from “I-Care-a-damn son” to “Head of the family” especially after dad passed away







The way you played the perfect host during my marriage






Your pride in buying gifts in your first salary ( You still owe me one)The T-shirt in the picture was bought in your first salary, u remember?






Your wit quotient which makes me tear into pieces with laughter







Your refusal to outgrow the child in you




Picture 004



Your way of finding fun in doing silly things ( Please don’t kill me, I did not have a better picture)




The way you love Dheer and his naughty traits ( You are more mischievous than him at times)

 and many more!!!

Don’t look too hard for your birthday gift. I did not send any. See you for Diwali and then let’s plan to rock. Please get married this year, I can’t wait anymore to shop!!

Today is my little brother’s 27th birthday. He is a fun-loving and practical person and I love him dearly. I am so glad he was born, my life certainly wouldn’t have been the same without him. Wishing him a great year ahead.

New folderLove U,



17 thoughts on “It’s your birthday Brat!! Or Man??

  1. Sujata Ramakrishnan says:

    Very touching, and a great loving n caring sister has conveyed her birthday wishes in a very special way.

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