Mommyship Musings!!

Many times I read “ Motherhood changes people”, not until I experienced it personally, I realized it was very much true. Mommyship induced lot of changes in me and today I am sharing some of them. I am sure most of my ‘Mommy-friends’ connect with this.

1. It is possible to get up at 5:00 A.M in the morning to finish all your chores before the little one is up.

2. It’s absolutely perfect to stop the most important conversation to clean the mess made as he can’t stand it for a minute.

3. Taking a long shower is a bygone statement, as exactly at the same time, your immediate attention is required by him.

4. It is very much okay not to use lipstick, gloss or any kind of basic makeup  as you have to race against the time.

5. It is perfect to alter your parlor visits from monthly to annual.

6. It is possible to cook a full meal after you come back tiring from a full day’s work.

7. It is acceptable to talk about poo at length about its color, texture and smell.

8. Breaks during your food time are a part of it, as you have to address the little ones demands which pop up at the same time.

9. It’s OK to mess up the hotel chair and eat the pasta with hands when we are outing for a dinner.

10. Time with friends online, offline are just too distant dreams.

11.  It is normal to land up only in the Kids section in a shopping mall in spite of a very lucrative discount sale.

12. Surfing the internet for hours on topics like potty training, thumb sucking is absolutely normal.

13. Eating the food bland is OK as otherwise you need to cook separate baby food and your food.

14. Weight gain is just “ Baby weight” and not obesity even three years after delivery

15. Your weekly outings are the zoos, parks in place of the movies, dinners


The word Motherhood has eternity in it and just a smile on his face would make my day brighter, merrier and would make me long for the next day to feel his smile again.

photo1P.S : This picture has been taken by Chaitu Adavi, my brother when Dheer was 5 months old. You can check his Flickr stream here


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